Nokia hails licensing surge; Audio codec pool to launch; Vossius and Brinkhof create UPC JV; Court time lags nix Fintiv denials; Top IP firms honoured; plus much more

Nokia hails licensing surge; Audio codec pool to launch; Vossius and Brinkhof create UPC JV; Court time lags nix Fintiv denials; Top IP firms honoured; plus much more

Everything we covered on IAM over the last seven days – and all you need to know from the global IP market to set yourself up for the start of another busy week

The Long Read

Following a selection process that ran between March and May, IAM announced that four individuals had been chosen to become new members of the IP Hall of Fame in 2022: Pravin Anand, Justice Stephen Breyer, Louis Foreman and James Malackowski. They were officially inducted in June at this year’s IPBC Global in Chicago. Read more here

MONDAY 12 September

German IP firm Vossius and Dutch law firm Brinkhof are to offer clients a joint, pan-EU service for the new Unified Patent Court when it gets underway next year. Read more here

Covid has triggered long delays in the busiest US district courts, reducing the chance of the PTAB issuing Fintiv discretionary denials in IPRs with parallel litigation. Read more here

TUESDAY 13 September

In an NYSE presentation, Nokia’s Jenni Lukander reveals the company’s licensing income in new areas such as automotive and consumer electronics has leapt to €100 million. Read more here

The latest IAM Special Report finds that the covid pandemic has had a long-term impact on the patent filing strategies of many businesses. Read more here

A US university is suing Novartis for alleged patent infringement relating to the company’s blockbuster heart failure treatment Entresto. Read more here

WEDNESDAY 14 September

Data shows that 32 of the largest oil and gas producers and oilfield services companies have filed only 45 US patent suits since 2017 – and that just one is responsible for 51% of them. Read more here

As the US mid-term elections near, some wonder whether the Senate’s IP sub-committee will survive in the next Congress. Read more here

THURSDAY 15 September

Dolby and Fraunhofer are founding licensors of a soon-to-be-launched patent pool covering technology instrumental in videoconferencing and live audio. Read more here

Analysis of EPO data indicates that the Women Inventor Rate lags in patent applications submitted at the office in comparison to both the USPTO and WIPO. Read more here

Jasminder Brar, Vice President of IP and Legal at Titan Medical, believes that robotic surgery could be the next frontier for standardisation. Read more here

FRIDAY 16 September

The winners of the third Global IP Awards, which recognise law and attorney firm excellence in the fields of trademark and patent work, were announced at a gala dinner in London last night. Read more here

Patent transactions in the US dropped to a four-year low in the second quarter of 2022, according to data released by AST. Read more here

Samsung Electronics, Qualcomm and TSMC have been hit with lawsuits in the US and Germany which allege infringement of former Intel patents now held by NPE Daedalus Prime. Read more here

SATURDAY 17 September

Choices made by mobile network operators will continue to be pivotal in shaping the future of connectivity standards-setting and IP, argue Xiaohui Jia from China Mobile and Chunli Bi of CAICT. Read more here

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