China patent firm boom; What a world class in-house IP team looks like; SCOTUS nominee on eligibility; Covid vaccine IP pledge; Ocado shares fall on patent suit news; plus much more

Everything we covered on IAM over the last seven days – and all you need to know from the global IP market to set yourself up for the start of another busy week

MONDAY 12th October

Autonomous driving pioneer Velodyne now has its two biggest Chinese peers under licence, generating extra value in a market where it struggles to compete on cost. Read more here

With Arizona and Utah relaxing law firm ownership rules, investors, service providers and lawyers hope more states will follow suit - and see plenty of IP opportunities if they do. Read more here

To be considered world class, an in-house IP function must possess three key attributes in its strategy and outlook. Read more here

TUESDAY 13th October

As SEP suits multiply in India, the Delhi High Court moves to standardise the structure of patent lawsuits and enshrine licensor-friendly measures such as confidentiality clubs. Read more here

All too often, those responsible for building, managing and protecting corporate IP portfolios are still excluded from the overall decision-making process. Read more here

SCOTUS grants cert in Arthrex case that focuses on the appointment of PTAB judges just days after more than 50 top companies ask Congress to analyse increased use of discretionary denials. Read more here

WEDNESDAY 14th October

Edinburgh University spin-out Sensewhere received investment from government fund Scottish Enterprise and Tencent, but Huawei now owns all its US location tracking patents. Read more here

The CAFC has overturned a district court judgment that Teva’s generic carvedilol had not infringed a GlaxoSmithKline patent and reinstated a $234 million damages award granted earlier by a jury. Read more here

New Nokia report pegs 5G benefit to the global economy at $8 trillion, highlighting possible step change for licensors. Read more here

THURSDAY 15th October

TSMC’s chief IP counsel Billie Chen explains how the fab giant taps into the patent market through both an alliance with WiLAN and its own initiatives. Read more here

Leading vaccine innovator Moderna has won plaudits for its commitment not to enforce its covid-related IP rights, but there could be less to the pledge than meets the eye. Read more here

SCOTUS nominee Amy Coney Barrett was asked about patentable subject matter during her confirmation hearing. Her answer will delight those who want legislative 101 reform. Read more here

FRIDAY 16th October

In 2010, there were under 800 patent attorney firms in China. Today, there are close to 2,700. Almost 45% of these were founded within the last five years and most have 10 employees or less. Read more here

A patent fight with a Norwegian rival led to a big fall in Ocado’s share price and shows the growing importance of IP in the delivery and warehouse sector. Read more here

Big ticket corporate failures may be a necessary part of the equation if the advent of 5G is to lead to a repeat of smartphone-style patent wars. Read more here

SATURDAY 17th October

As Shenzhen turns 40, its tech giants are doubling down on innovation and patents. But a more inward focus could spell change for IP strategies. Read more here

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