TD embraces IP for fintech success; Sharp joins Daimler patent battle; the law firms Apple uses at the PTAB; India woe for AstraZeneca; China’s rare earth patent dominance; and much more

Everything we covered on IAM over the last seven days – and all you need to know from the global IP market to set yourself up for the start of another busy week

MONDAY 12th August

Foxconn affiliate Sharp has joined Nokia in filing German infringement suits against automaker Daimler, recent US court documents show. Read more here

TD Bank embraced patents after realising the importance of developing an effective IP strategy to remain competitive in the fintech age. Read more here

Acacia has allocated $20 million for new acquisitions this year - and with more than $160 million on its balance sheet the NPE is well placed to rebuild its portfolio. Read more here

TUESDAY 13th August

There are more patent attorneys practising in China than ever before, but previous qualification requirements relating to foreign language proficiency and work experience have been dropped. Read more here

Inter partes review cancellations of pre-America Invents Act rights are not unconstitutional under the Fifth Amendment, the Federal Circuit rules. Read more here

No company has filed more IPRs than Apple and the company instructs a select group of mostly big-name law firms to represent it at the PTAB, with Sidley and Fish & Richardson leading the way. Read more here

WEDNESDAY 14th August

USPTO Director Andrei Iancu set to keynote IAM’s patent litigation event as 101 legislation debate continues. Read more here

Positioned as platforms for cooperative risk mitigation, patent pools have enjoyed mixed success - perhaps because there are so many of them. Read more here

THURSDAY 15th August

In the year following India’s first-ever final judgment in an SEP case, courts there are increasingly experimenting with the injunction regime as a way to protect patentees’ rights. Read more here

There are circumstances under which patent pools can work, but these may not apply to all industries and might mean licensors having to modify their financial expectations. Read more here

Service providers DOAR and Techson announce launch of IP consulting businesses in further sign that advisory space is evolving. Read more here

FRIDAY 16th August

The IP director of China’s Telecommunications Development Industry Alliance argues that 5G technology must not fall victim to geopolitics and patent gamesmanship. Read more here

A recent Delhi court decision in a case involving AstraZeneca is a reminder of the tight restrictions around species and follow-on patents in India. Read more here

Inventor David Hall, the CEO of autonomous driving company Velodyne LiDAR, has put IP at the heart of its business. New litigation will be a test for how strong that model is. Read more here

SATURDAY 17th August

China dominates the rare earth materials patent landscape, but analysis shows that its holdings lack quality and international cover. Read more here

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