ITC ban sparks $1.8bn trade secret deal; DoJ IEEE policy move spooks SEP owners; Brazil IP law suspension; EV patent analysis; China crypto IP battle; and much more

ITC ban sparks $1.8bn trade secret deal; DoJ IEEE policy move spooks SEP owners; Brazil IP law suspension; EV patent analysis; China crypto IP battle; and much more

Everything we covered on IAM over the last seven days – and all you need to know from the global IP market to set yourself up for the start of another busy week

The Long Read

Charting the value of IP and other intangible assets can be difficult, writes Deloitte’s Tim Heberden, but there are ways of showing their role as the drivers of revenue, efficiency and risk, and even in locating the value flows between them. Read more here

MONDAY 12th April

Politicians, automakers and ITC lawyers all have something to celebrate as the big-ticket trade secrets clash between LG Energy Solutions and SK Innovation ends in a $1.8bn settlement. Read more here

In less than a month, the Paris Court of Appeal has issued three decisions dealing with SPCs in which it applies the recent CJEU Royalty Pharma case law. Read more here

In a brief for the CAFC, Iancu, Michel and Tillis make clear that they believe Ericsson’s anti-anti-suit injunction against Samsung should stand in the face of a “power grab” by China. Read more here

TUESDAY 13th April

Two of the top pick-and-shovel companies in cryptocurrency – Bitmain and MicroBT - are set to clash at the Beijing Intellectual Property Court. Read more here

A provision in Brazil’s IP law guaranteeing at least 10 years’ patent term after grant has been partially suspended for healthcare-related patents. Read more here

The SCOTUS copyright ruling in Oracle v Google has been celebrated by large parts of high-tech, but it may cause concern in content-heavy creative industries. Read more here

WEDNESDAY 14th April

China’s biggest LED chipmaker is relying on patents bought from Sharp as it seeks to head off competition from a rival supplier out of Wuhan. Read more here

Recent comments by Microsoft IP head Jennifer Yokoyama have provided more insight into the patent journey the company has made over the last few years. Read more here

THURSDAY 15th April

The sudden abolition of India’s IP Appeal Board provided the backdrop for a recent discussion about what’s stopping the country from being an IP superpower. Read more here

Life sciences innovators faced major obstacles to securing patent protection for selection inventions in South Korea, but a landmark decision by the country’s top court has changed that. Read more here

Judge Gilstrap had some sharp words for both Optis and Apple when he ordered a new hearing on the $506 million award handed to the NPE in its courtroom fight with the tech giant. Read more here

FRIDAY 16th April

Xiaomi is facing more US patent litigation than ever before, most recently in a case filed in Delaware by Fortress-backed NPE VoiceAge EVS LLC. Read more here

Hyundai, Nissan and BYD own the world’s most robust electrical power systems patent portfolios, but data reveals differing priorities for leading manufacturers. Read more here

A DoJ IEEE patent policy move will heighten SEP owners’ focus on the Biden Administration’s antitrust priorities, but it's too early to conclude there will be a 180-degree standards U-turn. Read more here

SATURDAY 17th April

The $1.8 billion settlement between LG Energy Solutions and SK Innovation shows how winning at the ITC can deliver IP owners significant leverage and why the commission is a target for reform. Read more here

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