A brand new IAM; Big names join VVC pool; IBM almost loses US patent crown; Panasonic does Samsung and Signify deals; Sonos decks Google at the ITC; plus much more

A brand new IAM; Big names join VVC pool; IBM almost loses US patent crown; Panasonic does Samsung and Signify deals; Sonos decks Google at the ITC; plus much more

Everything we covered on IAM over the last seven days – and all you need to know from the global IP market to set yourself up for the start of another busy week

Welcome to the new IAM

This week we launched a totally new IAM platform. It allows subscribers easier, quicker access to our market-leading intelligence, analysis, surveys, data and rankings – plus a 20-year archive of IP value creation content. Read more here

The Long Read

Jeffrey Morton and Thomas Ehrich look at the complex issues surrounding the navigation of freedom to operate with regards to mRNA vaccines - one of the most important leaps forward in biotechnology of recent years. Read more here

MONDAY 10 January

Deals with Signify and Samsung Electronics show that Japan’s Panasonic remains an active player on the patent secondary market. Read more here

AbbVie heads to the ITC in a final, dramatic, battle with Alvotech over alleged trade secret misappropriation. Read more here

Eyewear maker Oakley and Deckers Outdoor, which sells Ugg boots, are responsible for a massive nationwide increase in US preliminary injunctions in patent cases over the past 24 months. Read more here

TUESDAY 11 January

The number of invention patents and utility models issued by the China National IP Administration both surged by more than 30% last year, while PCT filings levelled off. Read more here

The opening days of 2022 have already produced three major licensing deals between large pharma companies and AI-driven drug development innovators. Read more here

Many EU member states have a significant patent attorney deficit and that will make European innovation leadership more difficult to achieve. Read more here

Recent patent lawsuits involving Nike, Peloton, lululemon and others suggest an explosion in consumer demand for high-tech workout gear is leading to IP conflict. Read more here

WEDNESDAY 12 January

Six months after announcing the IP market’s first VVC patent pool, Access Advance has unveiled the 28 organisations that have signed up as the initial group of licensors on the platform. Read more here

VLSI Technologies, which won a $2.1 billion verdict against Intel last year, has raised an alarm over what it calls “gamesmanship and abuse” in an IPR of one of the patents it enforced in the case. Read more here

THURSDAY 13 January

SEP licensors will have to look again at duplicate royalty reimbursement policies following a first-of-its-kind ruling by the Dusseldorf District Court. Read more here

Once again last year, IBM received most patents from the USPTO. However, a 9% fall in the number issued to Big Blue saw Samsung come within 24 grants of taking the top spot. Read more here

FRIDAY 14 January

Despite a recent Delaware court decision, several significant patent risks and uncertainties remain for companies seeking to market skinny-label drugs in the US. Read more here

Sonos’s recent win over Google at the ITC demonstrates the value of innovators having the ability to exclude infringers from practising on their inventions. Read more here

SATURDAY 15 January

The popularity of Judge Alan Albright’s court in the Western District of Texas comes down to so many US patent holders feeling they don’t have a fair chance elsewhere. Read more here

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