Qualcomm whacks Apple in China; Spangenberg and Zur square-up in New York; good US news for SEP owners; huge Nokia portfolio set for sale

It’s been one of those weeks when a series of huge IP market stories have broken one after the other. We started last Monday with the announcement of a potentially game-changing injunction for Qualcomm against Apple in China; and ended Friday with news of a huge Nokia patent disposal. There was plenty in between, too. Here’s what we covered

MONDAY 10th December

New assignments data show that Seiko Epson is divesting patents at a greater pace than ever, disposing portfolios consisting of hundreds of assets. Read more here

A preliminary injunction granted by a Chinese court gives Qualcomm a sorely needed litigation boost in its fight with Apple. Read more here

TUESDAY 11th December

IAM uncovers the patents-in-suit behind Qualcomm’s Chinese preliminary injunction grant and provides detailed analysis of the potentially game-changing decision. Read more here

SEP owners find more reason to cheer latest DoJ injunctions proposal and promise of heightened standards organisation scrutiny. Read more here

WEDNESDAY 12th December

A keenly-anticipated Supreme Court decision on a Monsanto appeal against the revocation of a key patent right could have profound implications for the ability to protect biotech inventions in India. Read more here

THURSDAY 13th December

It’s Erich Spangenberg v Eran Zur in a New York battle over revenue share in the licensing of a multi-million dollar patent asset being asserted against Amazon. Read more here

Job market figures in China show huge demand for IP professionals, but educators and tech companies say good help is hard to find. Read more here

FRIDAY 14th December

Vietnam’s most valuable listed company takes Qualcomm 5G licence as it seeks to put Vietnamese smartphones on the map. Read more here

New Nokia portfolio for sale is the largest open market patent deal in telecoms since Nortel and could provide a guide to how attractive the IP sector is to private equity funds and other investors. Read more here

SATURDAY 15th December

Despite a decrease in their overall filings in 2017, foreign companies have increased their Indian foothold following a surge of grants over the last year – with mobiles and electronics the main focus. Read more here

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