Samsung sues ex-IP head; Why late SEP disclosure is no problem; US patent sales latest; Huawei’s IP priorities revealed; Xperi licensing boss to leave; plus much more

Samsung sues ex-IP head; Why late SEP disclosure is no problem; US patent sales latest; Huawei’s IP priorities revealed; Xperi licensing boss to leave; plus much more

Everything we covered on IAM over the last seven days – and all you need to know from the global IP market to set yourself up for the start of another busy week

The Long Read

Alternative dispute resolution offers one of the few remaining ways out of the growing anti-suit injunction morass, argue Roberto Dini, Jing He and Mario Franzosi. Read more here

MONDAY 21 February

Huawei IP head Alan Fan explains that, despite increasing monetisation opportunities, his team’s main job is to secure the fruits of the company’s deep investments in R&D. Read more here

BioNTech has stated that it will not assert any of the African patents underpinning its Pfizer-partnered mRNA jab, at least until the covid pandemic is over. Read more here

Rovi’s inter partes review success against Comcast gave it top PTAB ranking, Docket Navigator data shows. Read more here

TUESDAY 22 February

Samsung files trade secret and conspiracy counterclaims against its former IP head, another ex-counsel and the NPE with which they are asserting patents against the company. Read more here

A new spin-out by hub-and-spoke business Roivant Sciences is further evidence that more is being done than ever before to monetise neglected pharma IP. Read more here

BigTech and automaker arguments that SEPs declared after the standard-setting freeze date should be unenforceable do not stand up to serious scrutiny, says former Ericsson CIPO. Read more here

WEDNESDAY 23 February

A burst of activity from leading chipmaker TSMC helped the Taiwan Intellectual Property Office reverse a trend of falling patent applications in 2021. Read more here

The US saw 356 recorded patent transactions, involving 3,309 assets, 330 sellers and 297 buyers, during the fourth quarter of 2021, according to data compiled by AST. Read more here

THURSDAY 24 February

Patent transactions involving the former Samsung IP head reveal the context of his move into the licensing sector – a big uptick in local standards development and dealmaking. Read more here

A major pay-for-delay ruling in California may have a profound impact on the litigation strategies of pharma companies based in the state. Read more here

With surveys showing one in four employees in the US plan to quit in 2022, and remote work continuing, litigation and legislative trends may lead to a trade secret enforcement re-think. Read more here

In the past decade, patent protections around the world have seen more improvements than those for other types of IP, but there is still a long way to go, according to a new report. Read more here

FRIDAY 25 February

Patent Protection Association of China tells US government that licensors should have to provide more detailed information about their patent portfolios in the course of FRAND talks. Read more here

Biosimilars face an uphill struggle in their efforts to enter the lucrative US market thanks, in part at least, to the patent hurdles they must overcome, according to a new report. Read more here

Xperi licensing head Samir Armaly will depart tnext week as the firm searches for a new CEO to lead Adeia, its newly-named IP business scheduled to spin-off in the autumn. Read more here

SATURDAY 26 February

Aggregate stats have long shown that foreign IP owners fare well in China, but recent research published by IAM suggests SEP holders have justified concerns. Read more here

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