Aon’s big IP finance play; US damages surge; InterDigital wins ant-anti-suit injunction; IBM and Alibaba patent deal; When FRAND means license-to-all; plus much more

Aon’s big IP finance play; US damages surge; InterDigital wins ant-anti-suit injunction; IBM and Alibaba patent deal; When FRAND means license-to-all; plus much more

Everything we covered on IAM over the last seven days – and all you need to know from the global IP market to set yourself up for the start of another busy week

MONDAY 5th October

A slew of recently published Chinese IP office decisions knock out patents belonging to Fractus, Sharp, Sisvel, Conversant and others. Read more here

Nvidia’s proposed Arm acquisition would significantly improve the US company’s IP cover in several key areas – but would not come consequence free. Read more here

With Supreme Court oral arguments in the key Google v Oracle copyright case due this week, Mozilla IP counsel argues that the case provides a chance to fuel tech innovation and competition. Read more here

TUESDAY 6th October

Recent patent transactions suggest that Japanese auto allies Denso and Toyota are fine-tuning their IP positions as they push into all-electric cars. Read more here

Dividing the Unified Patent Court’s life sciences division between Munich and Paris would be a mistake, warns diagnostics and medical devices IP leader. Read more here

So far this year, nine damages awards of over $100 million have been made by US district courts in patent cases - that's more than the number for 2017, 2018 and 2019 combined. Read more here

WEDNESDAY 7th October

Sharp has settled long-standing SEP-related patent litigation with Daimler just a few weeks after securing an injunction award against the German company from a court in Munich. Read more here

Can artificial intelligence be an inventor for the purposes of a patent? It is a question that the English High Court has answered recently with a resounding “no”. Read more here

Aon launches potentially gamechanging IP finance initiative with $100 million loan to Massachusetts-based agritech company. Read more here

THURSDAY 8th October

The cost of codec licensing is not justified by the state of the technology and video implementers must work together to avoid standards dysfunction, says Xiaomi's IP strategy chief Paul Lin. Read more here

In an exclusive interview, spinal surgery pioneer and IP billionaire Gary Michelson tells IAM that it is important to ensure the US public does not get a rough deal from patent owners. Read more here

IBM’s recent run of dealmaking continues apace, with USPTO records showing that Big Blue transferred a number of patent assets to AliBaba at the start of October. Read more here

FRIDAY 9th October

Taiwan’s Minister of Economic Affairs, Wang Mei-Hua, says that a robust IP environment can encourage re-shoring and greater investment in local R&D efforts. Read more here

Despite a string of previous litigation successes, Sonos’s patents face their biggest challenge yet as the speaker technology innovator takes on Google. Read more here

WiLAN’s owner signals that Q3 income will grow significantly year-on-year as the NPE’s focus on the semiconductor sector continues to pay off. Read more here

Delhi’s High Court grants InterDigital’s request for an anti-anti-suit injunction against Xiaomi in a further escalation of the international FRAND licensing courtroom battle between the two. Read more here

SATURDAY 10th October

Plenty of standards setting bodies have a license-to-all requirement and where doubt exists they should move to clear up any ambiguity. Read more here

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