Nokia-Honor 5G deal; AI patent gold rush; judgment preservation insurance; Microsoft inventorship diversity; trade secret management; plus much more

Nokia-Honor 5G deal; AI patent gold rush; judgment preservation insurance; Microsoft inventorship diversity; trade secret management; plus much more

Everything we covered on IAM over the festive period and the last seven days – and all you need to know from the global IP market to set yourself up for the start of another busy week. A very Happy New Year from IAM’s editorial team.

MONDAY 18 December

Interview: Embracing the digital transition – CSIRO’s impact-driven patent portfolio

Data dive: Back with a bang – Eastern District of Texas is the most popular patent court

TUESDAY 19 December

Ericsson preliminary injunction wins in Latin America underscore region’s growing importance in SEP spats

Highlights of US patent law in the life sciences in 2023

Trade secrets: ‘Spreading the gospel’ of holistic IP management

WEDNESDAY 20 December

Data dive: Nurturing our planet – Unveiling the key players in green technology patents

Long read: The metaverse – How 5G will kick-start the big-bang in cyberspace

Global first as apex UK court rules AI cannot be a named inventor

Delhi High Court demands full access to Chinese Nokia-Oppo FRAND rate ruling

THURSDAY 21 December

Ericsson and Xiaomi strike 5G SEP cross-licence deal

Weekly column: Goodbye IAM and thank-you

The five stories that made 2023 a transformational year for patents in Europe

FRIDAY 22 December

Licensing consensus sorely needed amid global SEP/FRAND developments – and some in the field think there might be a way through

Top 2023 developments in the US District Court for the District of Delaware

SATURDAY 23 December

Merry Christmas from IAM’s editorial team

TUESDAY 26 December

Biden dashes Apple’s hopes of import ban intervention

WEDNESDAY 27 December

Arbitrating SEP/FRAND disputes “polarising” among experts

THURSDAY 28 December

Nokia-Oppo, IP financing, and India’s courts: APAC's top five of 2023

Isn’t it obvious? Key rulings from the Federal Circuit in 2023

FRIDAY 29 December

China in 2023: global FRAND rate, US litigation and AI copyright ruling

How the US Supreme Court affected the lives of US IP lawyers in 2023

The key US standard essential patents and FRAND developments of 2023


Five stories that made 2023 a momentous year for life sciences IP

Interview: Behind the IP strategy of Taiwan’s leading tech incubator

Trade secrets in 2023: the key developments


Data dive: Long-term trends in semiconductor industry sales and patenting

Japanese government proposes tax reform incentives to put IP value at centre of corporate strategies

Long read: The AI patent gold rush — fortunes hinge on IP control


Nokia inks 5G patent cross-licence with Chinese handset maker Honor

Semiconductor patents get new fast-track examination system at USPTO

Brazil’s major patent developments of 2023


Trade secrets: Missed opportunities and risks around trade secret management highlighted in new survey

DEI: How Microsoft is advancing diversity in inventorship

Masimo v Apple Watch import ban fiasco tops 2023 developments in USITC


Opinion: Judgment preservation insurance in patent appeals – Is a bubble brewing?

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