ITC law firm win rates; Huawei IP strategy; VLSI verdict; Bilibili interview; UPC CMS mess; plus much more

Everything we covered on IAM over the last seven days – and all you need to know from the global IP market to set yourself up for the start of another busy week

MONDAY 28 November

Merck & Co added to this year’s relatively small number of billion-dollar-plus pharmaceuticals transactions with a $1.35 billion deal to buy Imago BioSciences, driven by patent cliff fears. Read more here

IAM examined International Trade Commission law firm win rates and examples of the clients they have represented. Read more here

TUESDAY 29 November

As Huawei launches SEP litigations, its IP chiefs discussed its push into newer tech areas with IAM. Read more here

Lawyers for Ericsson and Apple will be travelling to East Texas next week to choose a jury to decide breach-of-contract claims they launched against each other in 2021. Read more here

Finding ‘lost Einsteins’: US patent advisory committee calls for more diverse inventors. Read more here

WEDNESDAY 30 November

VLSI’s new $948 million verdict against Intel is somewhat overshadowed by challenges to earlier mega-award. Read more here

The long read: As Via Licensing marks its 20th anniversary, its journey illustrates the importance of collaborative working – as well as the challenges to overcome. Read more here

THURSDAY 01 December

Nan Liu, general counsel of Bilibili’s Legal Department, shared the company’s patent strategy approach with IAM as well as the challenges faced by its boutique IP team. Read more here

Ericsson boosted by German decision as patent clash with Apple continues. Read more here

A recent precedential ruling will make it tougher for accused infringers defending patent assertions in Texas to argue it’s more convenient for another venue to hear their cases. Read more here

FRIDAY 02 December

USPTO top trademark applicants revealed. Read more here

Former judges and government officials strike back to defend antitrust attack on Avanci patent pool. Read more here

SATURDAY 03 December

Opinion: The UPC must take action to clear up its CMS access mess. Read more here

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