3GPP rule change; Ericsson VP interview; video codec tech; Elon Musk’s trade secrets threats; UPC protective letters; plus much more

Everything we covered on IAM over the last seven days – and all you need to know from the global IP market to set yourself up for the start of another busy week.

MONDAY 10 July

Apple voting rights expansion triggers 3GPP rule change

Data dive: Magistrate Judge Jennifer L Hall has ‘impeccable credentials’ for Delaware judge nomination


South Korean DABUS ruling stirs AI-related patent law reforms debate

Interview: Ericsson’s patent strategy is evolving, says VP of global licensing

Report underlines need for IP strategy before a company’s IPO and beyond


Long read: Video codec technologies: relevance, implementation and licensing uncertainty

Small innovator's litigation funding enabled $106.5 million verdict against Medtronic

Elon Musk’s accusations of trade secrets breaches by Threads staff will put management style in spotlight


Weekly column: The EUIPO must understand what taking on SEPs will mean

Huawei moves to mirror patent pools by publishing royalty rates for key licensing programmes

UPC looks set for first antitrust spat in unusual life sciences dispute

FRIDAY 14 July

UPC attracts flood of protective letters in its opening weeks

Delhi court settles patent licensing v antitrust enforcement “turf war” in Ericsson dispute

Humira interchangeable will send important signals for patent strategy


Opinion: The climate is changing, so should IP?

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