The Vidal interview; Avanci Aftermarket programme; Metaverse patent race; DEI Special Report; Adeia earnings; plus much more

Everything we covered on IAM over the last seven days – and all you need to know from the global IP market to set yourself up for the start of another busy week

MONDAY 20 February

Indian patent office budget hike bodes well but spending is the real issue. Read more here

Data dive: Single NPE triggers 79% spike in patent cases in Massachusetts last year. Read more here

TUESDAY 21 February

Avanci launches Aftermarket programme as part of push into new areas. Read more here

Data dive: Who is leading the Metaverse patent race? Read more here

WEDNESDAY 22 February

Long read: Patent damages precedent makes waves in component suppliers’ negotiations. Read more here

Interview: Unitary SPCs necessary to attract pharma to UPC/UP system, says Bayer IP chief. Read more here

Interview: Kathi Vidal on discretionary denials, director review changes and Section 101 action. Read more here

THURSDAY 23 February

Weekly column: The power of the unitary patent should be the UPC’s biggest draw. Read more here

Special report: IP profession diversity is a marathon – and we have the endurance to finish. Read more here

Interview: Kathi Vidal reveals perspective on UPC, SEPs and competition with China. Read more here

FRIDAY 24 February

Asia-Pacific increases domination of top 100 global innovators, while European companies drop off. Read more here

Long read: State of inventiveness in Europe. Read more here

Samsung deal and nine other licences grow Adeia’s Q4 earnings by 15%. Read more here

SATURDAY 25 February

Opinion: Harfang IP argues against conclusions drawn in a recent study on SEP ask rates. Read more here

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