Opus pool launched; Nokia-Oppo set for London FRAND trial; Iancu interview; InterDigital scores UK appeal win; a view from Silicon Valley; plus much more

Everything we covered on IAM over the last seven days – and all you need to know from the global IP market to set yourself up for the start of another busy week

MONDAY 16 January

The Opus audio codec pool launched with a royalty discount for early adopters. Read more here

A small UK-based technology company which was on the brink of a trial with Samsung Electronics in US litigation has notified the court of a pending settlement. Read more here

A UK court win for Nokia in its dispute with Oppo has set the stage for a London FRAND trial. Read more here

TUESDAY 17 January

Ericsson and Apple’s agreement to settle their global 5G-era cross-licensing dispute came hot on the heels of a landmark Brazilian ruling in the Swedish company’s favour. Read more here

Former USPTO Director Andrei Iancu is calling for a robust US IP regime to keep pace with China. Read more here

The changed political climate in the US may influence latest implementer v SEP licensor antitrust action. Read more here

WEDNESDAY 18 January

Amazon has reclaimed its crown as the world’s most valuable brand, despite a global downturn in brand value across industries and a turbulent year for tech brands in particular. Read more here

A new study has made the case for cost-saving patent lapse strategies in the auto industry. Read more here

THURSDAY 19 January

Former IAM editor-in-chief Joff Wild says collaboration not confrontation is the route to US patent reform in his latest column. Read more here

Despite Teva’s English court of appeal defeat, Arrow declarations remain a valuable weapon for generics. Read more here

FRIDAY 20 January  

InterDigital scores UK appeal win ahead of pivotal FRAND decision. Read more here

A pending US Supreme Court case promises to clarify how attorney-client privilege applies to communications containing intertwined legal and business elements. Read more here

Trade secrets rise up the corporate agenda as IP officers express optimism over future innovation waves. Read more here

SATURDAY 21 January

Opinion: As tech job cuts bite, IAM editor Rachel Mountain and deputy editor Angela Morris offer an inside view of the impact on IP teams in Silicon Valley. Read more here

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