Mavexar under the microscope; IP strategy impact of self-driving cars; Samsung dispute with former exec; latest UPC firm partnership; FTC policy changes; plus much more

Everything we covered on IAM over the last seven days – and all you need to know from the global IP market to set yourself up for the start of another busy week

The Long Read

Your guide to synthetic drug royalty dealmaking as selling revenue streams becomes increasingly important for monetising pharma innovations. Read more here

MONDAY 14 November

Regeneron’s lightning-fast patent trial in the US may reshape originator-v-biosimilar litigation strategies. Read more here

Behind the scenes, IP Edge – one the most prolific patent monetisation businesses in the US – calls itself Mavexar and recruits people to own NPEs that are named in its litigation campaigns. Read more here

TUESDAY 15 November

Self-driving vehicles spur new IP strategies in the automotive sector in a trend set to continue as the industry gears up for the licensing of 5G and ultimately 6G-era patents. Read more here

Apple reclaimed the title of “the world’s most intangible company”, as last year’s leader – Microsoft – falls to third place. Read more here

A Texas court is poised to rule on whether Samsung’s former IP head, who now works with an NPE that sued the Korean smartphone giant, should be disqualified from the lawsuits. Read more here

WEDNESDAY 16 November

A new IAM special report shows the US Defend Trade Secrets Act has not produced an explosion in trade secret lawsuit filings nor has it led to a feared rise in ‘trade secret trolls’. Read more here

IAM’s 2023 Global Leaders share their future-proofing strategies and tips for how to weather storms. Read more here

THURSDAY 17 November

EIP-Amar UPC partnership shows shifting European law firm landscape. Read more here

US congressional election results are good omen for Section 101 reform efforts, according to speakers at IAM’s Patent Policy and Litigation USA 2022 event. Read more here

LiDAR sees surge in new patent players with most coming from China while the US is second in terms of the number of new players. Read more here

FRIDAY 18 November

Revealed: US filing trends, patent verdicts and competitor litigation détente in second instalment of the joint IAM-Docket Navigator report. Read more here

New Federal Trade Commission policy statement looks to tighten screws on patent strategies. Read more here

Top US patent judge speaks up about random case assignments at IAM event. Read more here

SATURDAY 19 November

Renewed US Congress should seize chance to make IP policy impact. Read more here

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