US bill moots new court; IEEE policy criticised; Ericsson and Nokia Q3 reports; UPC judges revealed; Big Tech weighs-in on 101 guidance; plus much more

Everything we covered on IAM over the last seven days – and all you need to know from the global IP market to set yourself up for the start of another busy week.

The Long Read

Exploring third-party claims in pharmaceutical patent cases and the rights of public healthcare providers and companies seeking damages in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, France and Norway. Read more here

MONDAY 17 October

The US Supreme Court dealt a blow to Novartis when it scrapped an injunction against copycats of blockbuster multiple sclerosis treatment fingolimod. Read more here

Thirty-one cases saw patent damages awards in the US in Q3, with the United Services Automobile Association bagging the largest award of $218.5 million. Read more here

TUESDAY 18 October

The EPO Enlarged Board of Appeal released a communication laying out its preliminary opinion regarding questions of plausibility. Read more here

Major Wi-Fi standard essential patent licensors might yet refuse to accept licensing requirements under the IEEE’s revised patent policy. Read more here

Draft US legislation, obtained by IAM, is proposing the creation of a court to serve as the exclusive mechanism for setting royalty rates for US SEPs. Read more here

WEDNESDAY 19 October

Qualcomm’s senior vice president of licensing strategy and legal counsel weighed-in on the IEEE’s amended patent policy. Read more here

Netlist CEO says its Big Tech battles show need for patent reform. Read more here

THURSDAY 20 October

The Unified Patent Court finally announced the appointment of its Presidium and 85 judges with Germany dominating the key posts. Read more here

A letter sent to the US Department of Justice seeking further review of Avanci’s platform and alleging competition concerns will likely fall flat. Read more here

FRIDAY 21 October

China’s patent office’s latest move to clamp down on fraudulent filings will probably end in “smoke” according to a local expert. Read more here

Ericsson and Nokia’s Q3 reports demonstrate the high stakes of ongoing SEP disputes. Read more here

Responding to a public consultation, Big Tech urged for major changes to USPTO examiner guidance on Section 101. Read more here

SATURDAY 22 October

EIP patent attorneys discuss the clarity UK IPO case studies offer on AI invention patentability. Read more here

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