Video IP reckoning; Amazon joins OIN; Velos joint licensing ends; Huawei-Oppo cross licence; Ericsson settles with Apple; plus much more

Everything we covered on IAM over the last seven days – and all you need to know from the global IP market to set yourself up for the start of another busy week

The Long Read

Video or it didn’t happen: Nokia IP Executive Arvin Patel examines the video epoch and the coming IP reckoning. Read more here

MONDAY 05 December

Following IAM’s prediction software issues could obstruct the launch of the Unified Patent Court, the start date was pushed back by two months. Read more here

We shone our spotlight on Chief Judge Rodney Gilstrap of the US District Court for the Eastern District of Texas and examined his patent case metrics. Read more here

TUESDAY 06 December

Amazon joined the Open Innovation Network. IAM spoke with OIN CEO Keith Bergelt about the development. Read more here

Brazil’s Supreme Federal Court handed down a preliminary decision that offers encouragement to many patentees fighting to save their IP rights from nullification or early expiry. Read more here

In an exclusive interview, Palo Alto associate general counsel and senior director of IP George Simion told IAM about the company’s approach. Read more here

WEDNESDAY 07 December

A new wave of originator-versus-biosimilar disputes is gathering pace in the US as Janssen sued Amgen. Read more here 

A Federal Trade Commission policy statement pinpointing standard essential patents among a “laundry list” of potential antitrust violations should be noted by patent professionals. Read more here

THURSDAY 08 December

Velos Media ended its joint licensing programme and has returned batches of High Efficiency Video Coding standard essential patents to its former licensors. Read more here

A downward trend in US patent sales continued in the third quarter of this year, with 303 deals recorded, according to data compiled by Allied Security Trust. Read more here

The Brazilian political about-turn could spell change for IP community. Read more here

FRIDAY 09 December

Huawei announced it concluded a cellular patent cross-licence with Oppo and extended its patent licence with Korean smartphone giant Samsung. Read more here

As 2022 ends, it’s a natural time to review the major developments at the Patent Trial and Appeal Board that will surely change legal strategies as the New Year unfolds. Read more here

Ericsson and Apple today announced that they have agreed a global cross-licence deal, bringing an end to the companies’ high-stakes, worldwide 5G patent dispute. Read more here

SATURDAY 10 December

Opinion: Christopher Mhangwane, Associate, and David Cochrane, Partner, at Spoor & Fisher argue South Africa should not have granted a patent listing an AI as inventor. Read more here

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