Whitaker's patent scam link; a big hire by Avanci; Chinese litigation data; major EU SPC decision; and much more

It’s been another busy week on IAM These are the stories that we have covered over the last seven days …

MONDAY 5th November

In two separate deals, Korean patent fund Intellectual Discovery transferred auto and LED-related portfolios to NPEs. These are now being asserted in Delaware against defendants including BMW, Fiat Chrysler and Ford. Read more here

A decision handed down by the Court of Justice of the European Union has dealt a major setback to medical devices patent owners seeking to use SPCs to extend the terms of their grants. Read more here

After a quiet period, former $2 billion NPE Acacia Research has declared that it is “back in business” and to prove the point has initiated patent infringement suits against a slew of BigTech businesses. Read more here

TUESDAY 6th November

Former Nokia patent business head Ilkka Rahnasto is joining Marconi Group in another boost to the business that administers a range of collective licensing platforms including Avanci and Velos Media. Read more here

In a study of 21,000 Chinese patent suits undertaken by RPX it was discovered that damages of over $1 million were awarded in just 14 instances. However, successful plaintiffs secured injunctions 95% of the time. Read more here

WEDNESDAY 7th November

The US mid-term elections will not lead to any major patent legislation in Congress, but biopharmaceutical companies should prepare for attempts to curtail rights. Read more here

THURSDAY 8th November

Chinese mobile device manufacturer Oppo has announced the creation of an ‘open’ patent licensing programme to encourage adoption of its proprietary fast-charging technology VOOC. Read more here

Microsoft IP head Erich Andersen has revealed that the company determined it would derive more value from joining LOTNet and OIN than trying to monetise its Linux-related patents in traditional ways. Read more here

FRIDAY 9th November

Trade tensions around IP are continuing to grow in the wake of US government action against Chinese and Taiwanese companies accused of stealing Micron trade secrets. IAM’s editorial team gave the view from the ground in the US, China and Taiwan. Read more here

In an opinion piece exclusive to IAM, Jim Beveridge of the Innovators' Network argues that SEP owners need to embrace transparency and avoid royalty stacking to allow IoT innovation to thrive. Read more here 

A co-founder of activist investor Starboard Value has criticised companies for equating patents with innovation, and for incentivising the filing of applications that deliver no returns. Read more here

SATURDAY 10th November

Acting US Attorney General Matthew Whitaker sat on the board of World Patent Marketing, a firm that was shut down by the FTC and fined $26 million for cheating inventors. Read more here

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