Surge in IAM readers reflects growing interest in IP as a business asset

The IAM platform has had just over 213,000 users so far this year, according to data supplied by Google Analytics. That’s up 35% on the last six months of 2018. We’ve also enjoyed a 40% jump in new users, while sessions per visit have grown by 30% and pages per session have climbed by 20%. It all means that 2019 is shaping up to be a record year for IAM. We owe each and everyone of our visitors a huge debt of gratitude.

While we’d love to take all the credit for these rises ourselves, it’s pretty clear that the increase in interest also reflects the growing importance attached to IP all around the world. That must be good news for everyone involved in the market. The need for IP-related information and advice has never been greater. Those who can seize the opportunities that presents stand to do very well.

In terms of where our readership is based, the US is responsible for just over 42%. The rest of the top 10 is made up of: (2) India; (3) China; (4) the UK; (5) Japan; (6) France; (7) Germany; (8) Canada; (9) Singapore; (10) South Korea. By continent, North America is, not surprisingly, way out ahead with 47.5% of all readers; but, notably, Asia has now overtaken Europe to sit in second place (25.6% to 23.6%). Going back to the US, the top five states for readers are, in order: (1) California; (2) Illinois; (3) New York; (4) Virginia; and (5) Texas.

As for what people are looking at, below are the most-read pieces we have published during 2019. There’s a mix of industries in there, but it’s clear that mobile/5G/convergence/transactions is what really gets our users going.

  1. Patent quality, not quantity, is what really counts when it comes to standards essentiality
  2. How Oppo is turning handset shipments into SEP leverage
  3. Winners of the inaugural Global IP Awards named at gala dinner in London
  4. An entire “industry revolt” hinges on judge’s decision in FTC v Qualcomm
  5. Deloitte makes major IP play with acquisition of top advisory
  6. Apple buys patent portfolio from former AI home camera maker
  7. The global patent market in 10 charts
  8. Exclusive: Ericsson IP chief Brismark exits company
  9. Inside the IBM patent factory
  10. China is investigating Ericsson’s patent licensing business, company confirms
  11. Samsung owns the biggest US patent portfolio, beating IBM into second place, new research reveals
  12. PanOptis acquired by New York-based private equity business
  13. Continental lawsuit against Avanci could help set the terms for licensing in the IoT 
  14. “I had the chance to leave at a good time,” says Ericsson’s former chief IP officer
  15. After devastating ruling in FTC case Qualcomm has the legal fight of its life on its hands
  16. Sisvel and RPX ink major Wi-Fi SEP licensing deal
  17. Avanci secures deals with Audi and Porsche
  18. Faraday Future seeks lifeline from $1.25 billion IP valuation
  19. TiVo might be about to split at a time when its licensing business has significant concerns
  20. Daimler's Nokia complaint may throw light on how EU SEP communication is working

We’ll look to share this information on a more regular basis in the future. It’s very helpful for us to take a look at – and it may trigger you to let us know if you think we are missing any big themes or topics. If you do, we’d love to hear. We want to ensure we are the very best that we can be.

Remember, though, that our most-read stories are not close to representing the totality of our output. We cover 17 different industry areas and have sites for each one, as well as 17 sector sites. We also offer sites organised by continent and by country, so all in all the IAM platform allows you to get very deeply specialised if that is your thing. You can sort out a subscription here.  

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