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From patent prosecution through plotting litigation strategies to spotting licensing and acquisition opportunities, advanced analytics is transforming the world of IP value creation. Few trends over the last few years have had as big an impact on the market and the rise of new applications in areas such as AI looks set to continue to revolutionise how corporate in-house teams, lawyers and attorneys, investors and others engage with IP.

This week in our look back through the IAM archive we have a range of analytics focused articles which throw the spotlight on how to pick the appropriate platform and why many in-house departments are still playing catch-up. 

Making the most of the latest data analytics tools

We are only scratching the surface with what can be achieved with an array of new offerings, leaving IP in-housers with plenty to consider with regard to finding the best platform

By Bridget Diakun (March 2020)

The role of AI in evidence-based strategic IP decisions

As patents increasingly take shape as a functional asset class, the use of artificial intelligence looks set to lead to more licensing and less litigation.

By Nigel Swycher and Steve Harris (September 2018)

Choosing the right tools for better IP decisions

There are many tools designed to help IP owners in the value creation process, but selecting the right ones can be a tough task. Considering the key issues can help to simplify the process.

By Martin Bijman (June 2018)

The last one to the party: why AI has left legal departments behind

Artificial intelligence is having a profound impact on the tech world, across a range of disciplines. While in-house IP departments have been slow on the uptake, the potential of this new technology is astounding.

By Jay Yonamine and Jeremiah Chan (June 2017)

The right call: embracing big data in the patent world

When it comes to leveraging statistical data in order to hone strategy, in-house IP departments can learn a lot from the world of sport

By Jeremiah Chan and Aaron Abood (July 2015)

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