How IAM Market adds simplicity and transparency to IP transactions: an infographic

The sales and technology transactions portal, IAM Market, launched on 20th October. It promises to change the way sales, licensing and transfers of IP are conducted in the future. To demonstrate this, we have put together an infographic that highlights the innovations and benefits of IAM Market.

So far, hundreds of users have registered for free to browse the IP and technology currently on offer from vendors including Google, Sony, HP Enterprise, Boeing, Philips and Intel.  In fact, there is double the number of IP/tech on the platform today than a fortnight ago, so momentum appears to be building. Crucially, though, IAM takes no part in any deals that may be struck on the platform - the only source of revenue we get from IAM Market is the subscription fees that vendors pay to secure a place on the portal. In fact, IAM will have no knowledge of deals being conducted. It was created as a secure, simplified deal-making platform for the IP industry.

For more information about IAM Market, view the infographic below (click here to view in full size):

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