How to find the best licensing partners as efficiently as possible - your invite to a free webinar

With so many in-house IP functions under greater pressure than ever before to generate income from the patent assets under their management, a growing number of corporate IP executives are looking at monetisation options and how they work. One tried and tested strategy is licensing; but the challenge is how to do it as simply and cost-effectively as possible in a world where the climate for licensors has never been tougher.

On 25th April at 4.00 pm UK time  (11.00 am Eastern, 8.00 am Pacific, 11.00 pm Beijing), IAM will be hosting a webinar in collaboration with PatSnap entitled Strategies for finding patent licensing partners. This will explore how rights owners can identify potential licensing partners and the ways they can package their portfolios to make them as attractive as possible to licensees.

Among the issues to be discussed during the initial presentation and the follow-up Q&A session featuring PatSnap executives and a panel of experts will be:

  • Identifying the data available to help patent owners find the best licensees for their technologies.

  • How to find novel applications for technologies in adjacent markets, and the organisations that might be interested in such applications.

  • The tools available to help patent owners analyse and draw actionable insights from licensing data.

  • Strategies for applying the answers you get from licensing data

This not to be missed webinar is free to attend. You can register to take part here.

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