Hong Kong adopts 11th Edition of the International (Nice) Classification

As of January 1 2017 the Hong Kong Trademark Registry adopted the 11th Edition of the International (Nice) Classification for the specification of goods and services.

Importance of cross-class searches
Despite the reclassification, certain goods and services in different classes (that were in the same class) may be considered similar. It is therefore important to conduct cross-class clearance searches to ensure registrability. For example, although disinfectant soap is now classified under Class 5 of the 11th edition, it should also be cross-searched against Class 3.

Changes to class headings and explanatory notes
Class headings and explanatory notes of certain classes have been changed as a result of the use of the 11th edition. For example, “soaps”, “cosmetics”, “hair lotions” and “dentifrices” have been amended to “non-medicated soaps”, “non-medicated cosmetics”, “non-medicated hair lotions” and “non-medicated dentifrices” under Class 3. Caution is to be exercised if the 10th edition class heading is adopted for filing. 

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