Global financial crisis leads to drop in international registration of trademarks

There has been a marked decrease in the number of international trademark registration filings in China during January to May this year compared to the same period in 2008. International registrations filed by Chinese applicants fell by 11.2%, with registrations designating China for territorial extension dropping by 5.8%.

The global financial crisis is the major cause for the decrease in filings, according to a study conducted by the Chinese Trademark Office. The study also found that international registrations filed by domestic applicants fell by a larger percentage than those extended to China, due to a general lack of awareness and understanding of the international registration system among the public. Insufficient promotion by the Chinese government of international registration protection is also a contributing factor, the study found.

In response to this situation, the Chinese Trademark Office has taken the initiative to provide more and higher-quality international registration services to applicants, and to promote international registration protection to the public through the mass media. It is also working on further enhancing international registration protection for domestic registrants in foreign countries.

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