Electronic certificates: why they are good news for patent applicants

On 1 January 2023, the Taiwan Intellectual Property Office (TIPO) began issuing electronic certificates for both patent and trademark applications. Electronic certificates are more convenient; the process of obtaining and storing certificates will improve, and it will be easier for patentees to carry and display certificates, as well as reducing paper printing and delivery costs.

While easier, it is not mandatory for applicants to apply for an electronic certificate. Applicants may choose to apply for a paper certificate instead – the official fee remains the same for both (NTD1,000). Applicants may also wish to apply for a copy of the paper certificate (with a fee of NTD1,000 for each copy) on top of the electronic certificate, should they choose that route. However, if the applicant chooses the paper certificate in the first instance, they cannot apply for a copy of the electronic version.

On top of obtaining the certificate after their patent is granted, applicants may also apply for the electronic certificate on the application form when applying for reissuance of the patent certificate or when they register to assign, inherit or trust patent rights.

Electronic certificates will be issued in PDF format; along with anti-counterfeiting mechanisms, they will be digitally signed by TIPO and given a QR code. If the authenticity or accuracy must be verified, applicants can upload the certificate to TIPO’s verification system or scan the QR code. This allows them to check on the patent’s status, as well as confirm the certificate’s validity.

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