Dutch NPE obtains multimillion-dollar patent infringement settlement

In the wake of the patent trial between Apple and Samsung in the United States, Dutch engineering company ItoM BV has enjoyed success against both companies by obtaining a multimillion-dollar licensing settlement. ItoM challenged several major electronic companies in the Texas courts for infringement of its proprietary transceiver technology.

ItoM (which stands for "Ideas to Market") is a spin-off of Philips and invents a variety of transceiver systems. It owns a series of patents and sells "solutions" that optimise reception, transmission and computing. ItoM's business model is based on licensing.

Although the licensing deal is confidential, it is believed that Qualcomm and Broadcom are involved. In addition, the US media has named companies such as Philips, Apple, Dell, Samsung, Nokia, AT&T and Texas Instruments.

In contrast, litigation in the Netherlands against semiconductor company NXP (also a spin-off of Philips) regarding the design of a chip marketed by NXP has so far been less successful. It is hoped that ItoM's success in the United States may be a sign of things to come in the Dutch courts.

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