Dropbox’s patent spree has produced a highly-focused portfolio, exclusive analysis for IAM reveals

Dropbox has been surfing a patent filing and acquisition wave in the run-up to its initial public offering (IPO), according to data compiled for IAM by a group of leading patent and technology analysis firms. The company has been especially active since 2012 and has put together a portfolio that is highly focused in principally two categories – ‘data processing’ and ‘data transmission’.

Since 2012, Dropbox has not only kick-started its own patent generation programme, USPTO records show, but has also been on something of a buying spree, featuring transfers from the likes of IBM, Sony and Intellectual Ventures.

“The core technology of its portfolio provides users with applications to manage shared content. Surrounding this core are technology clusters in collections, teams, events, search, content management and predictive modelling,” says Martin Bijman of patent services and technology firm TechInsights.

Further data and insight is provided by IP analytics platform ktMINE and IP intelligence and analytics platform Relecura.

In addition to a full exploration of Dropbox’s portfolio, we provide an overview of key storylines in the last five years leading up to the file-sharing company’s IPO. See here for the full analysis.

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