Croatian Quality and Croatian Creation marks

In the saturated modern market, ruled by ever more demanding and discerning consumers, purchasing decisions are driven by numerous factors. The visual code of a product or service is often an important influence, as it becomes recognisable as a symbol of the quality of the product or service.

Quality is judged on several criteria, both visible and invisible, such as recognisability, reliability, availability and durability.

The Croatian branding project
The Croatian Chamber of Commerce is now attempting to establish a visual code of excellence for high-quality Croatian goods and services. The aim is to help Croatian companies to compete on the global market and thus boost the Croatian economy.

Producers of high-quality Croatian goods and services can apply for two marks: “Croatian Quality” (in Croatian, Hrvatska kvaliteta) and “Croatian Creation” (Izvorno hrvatsko).

The “Croatian Quality” mark is a guarantee to the consumer that the  goods or services are of the highest quality.

The “Croatian Creation” mark is a guarantee that the goods or services are the result of Croatian tradition, research and development, innovation or invention. It confirms that the goods or services have unique features. 


The Croatian branding project is being implemented by  the Project Council, the Centre for Quality of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce and technical committees dedicated to individual products or product groups.

The Project Council decides on the grant and revocation of the right to use the marks; chooses the experts who sit on the technical committees; and decides which laboratories are to be listed in the register of test laboratories.

In order to obtain either mark, the following documentation must be filed with the Centre for Quality:

  • a complete and signed application form;
  • an excerpt from the commercial or trade register in which the applicant is registered;
  • a statement by the applicant on the Croatian origin of the goods (required for goods only, not for services);
  • decisions, certificates, test reports or other documents confirming compliance with the legislative directions with regard to the goods or services;
  • technical documentation, promotional materials and other documentation for the singular and reliable identification of the goods or services; 
  • certificates or other documentation on quality control systems; 
  • documentation which demonstrates that the goods or services in question are of above-average quality; 
  • information about the applicant, including a short description of its performance and history;
  • a specimen of the goods;
  • for the "Croatian Creation" sign, documentation setting out the relevant tradition, research and development, innovation or invention; and 
  • proof of payment of the costs of the proceedings.  

The Centre for Quality will then pass this documentation to a technical committee. After processing the documentation and visiting the company in question, the technical committee will provide its expert opinion on whether to grant the right to use the mark. It will deliver its opinion to the Project Council, which will decide whether to allow use of the mark on this basis.

If the process is successfully concluded, the Croatian Chamber of Commerce and the applicant will sign a three-year contract for use of the mark, based on the branding protocol.

Right to use
The right to use the “Croatian Quality” mark is awarded to goods of above-average quality which are made within the Croatian territory. The right to use the “Croatian Creation” mark is awarded to original Croatian products of above-average quality.

A product of above-average quality is one that meets all legal standards on safety, health protection, environmental protection and consumer protection, and which, through the totality of its characteristics, can satisfy the expressed or presumed needs of users.

It is hoped that this project will generate interest and encourage quality and creativity in the business, marketing and design sectors, creating a culture of quality within all segments of Croatian society. Rigorous testing of goods and services will be required, since only the best Croatian goods and services can carry the marks. Ultimately, the market success of such goods and services will be the true indicator of whether the project has achieved its ends. 

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