Boeing, Google, HP, IBM, Philips and 10 other companies join forces at launch of new IP and tech transfer portal

IAM has joined forces with 15 leading companies to launch a new product that will simplify IP and technology transfer dealmaking, while making the process more transparent.

IAM Market is an online portal that allows IP owners to profile their technology licensing and patent transactions programmes, as well as to provide details of specific assets that they are interested in doing business on.

Designed for IAM’s global readership of IP leaders, this unique platform will ensure that businesses of all sizes can present the rights and technologies that they have available for license, sale or transfer to key decision makers, potentially saving both sides in a transaction significant amounts of time and money.

Access to IAM Market is free for potential buyers, licensees and partners, as well as their representatives, subject to approval on registration.

So far, IAM Market has 15 companies confirmed as vendors. They include: Boeing, Deutsche Telekom, Freescale, Google, Harman, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Intel, NEC, Philips, Rambus and Sony.

In becoming members of IAM Market, these IP owners are making a very clear statement, to a senior audience of corporate IP decision makers, that they are ready and willing to do IP-based business. Between them at launch today, IAM Market’s vendors are offering 18 licensing deals, 21 sales transactions and six tech transfer partnerships. Over the coming weeks, more IP and technology will be made available via IAM Market, both by existing vendors and new companies that are currently in discussions to join.

An indexing system allows IAM Market’s registered users to access the site as a whole or search it on a company, technology, industry or transaction type basis. They can elect to receive alerts every time that new information relating to their chosen vendors is uploaded onto the portal. A summary email listing all new IP/technology on the website will also be sent weekly to all site registrants.

Another major benefit to users of IAM Market is the opportunity to post requests for technology and IP. This can be done via a specially developed request form that is sent to all IAM Market members whose offerings cover the relevant technology/industry. Initial communications will be on an anonymous basis. The parties reveal their identities to each other only once the necessary level of trust has been built – the involved parties decide when this is.

IAM’s only source of revenue from IAM Market is the subscription fees that vendors pay to secure a place within the portal. IAM will take no part in any deals that may be done – in fact, will have no knowledge of them - and will receive no additional payments of any kind from vendors beyond the annual subscription fee. IAM merely supplies the means through which potential partners can make contact and begin their discussions. This, plus IAM’s extensive reach into both the buy and sell sides of the IP deals market internationally, makes IAM Market unlike any other online or real-world IP exchange ever developed.

All of the current 21,000 plus subscribers to the IAM Weekly email have been pre-registered to get access to IAM Market and they will shortly be receiving information on how to activate their registrations. Non-subscribers are also able to access the portal free of charge, but will have to register here.

If you would like to learn more about IAM Market, please contact Eamon McHugh.  

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