Amazon cloud contract IP warning tops most read blogs of the year so far list as we take a summer break

After a very busy seven months, the IAM blog is now taking its annual summer break. We’ll be back reporting on 27th August. For those of you not enjoying a holiday this month, here are a few stats to chew on. According to Google Analytics we have had 77,107 unique users since 1st January, who between them have visited us 138,254 times. The top 10 countries for visitors are (in order): 1. The US; 2. The UK; 3. Canada; 4. Germany; 5. India; 6. Japan; 7. The Netherlands; 8. South Korea; 9. France; 10. China. And our top 10 cities are (in order): 1. New York; 2. London; 3. San Francisco; 4. Washington DC; 5. Chicago; 6. Munich; 7. Ottawa; 8. Los Angeles; 9. Seoul; 10. Toronto. The 20 most read blog stories of the year so far are, in descending order:

12th July - Beware the IP non-assert clause in AWS cloud service agreement, warns ex-Microsoft patent chief

15th January - Patent law changes in US mean there are potentially billions of dollars of write-downs on public company balance sheets, says Spangenberg

10th April - Ericsson and Nokia the latest to confirm that they will not license under the new IEEE patent policy

7th April - IPXI demise caused by a US patent system that offers no incentive for good-faith licensing, says exchange's CEO

24th February - Big names among those laid off from Alcatel-Lucent's IP group

26th June - BlackBerry's deal with Cisco could mark the Canadian company's coming of age as a big patent licensor

24th April - The Microsoft patent portfolio: 40,000+ active patents; China biggest jurisdiction after US; 15% of total acquired

19th January - Hammering “trolls” harms US prosperity, says top BASF IP strategist

2nd April - The 2015 inductees into the IP Hall of Fame are revealed

26th February - Don’t bet against Apple turning the tables in its $500 million battle with NPE Smartflash

17th May - The PPP may be great news for Google, but less good for the blood pressures of its patent team members

19th May - There is nothing wrong with privateering; patent owners are entitled to maximise the value of their assets

28th April - “Bring us your tired, your poor, your huddled masses of patents,” Google tells the market

1st March - Deal with Ford is potentially very good news for IV and also indicates patents are coming to the fore in auto sector

10th January - NPE suits in the US down significantly in 2014 and figures make it clear that SMEs are very much a secondary target

6th January - The IAM IP personalities of 2014, part two

17th July – The Kyle Bass pharma patent IPR strategy looks to be a lot more sophisticated and long-term than many think

5th January - The IAM IP personalities of 2014, part one

24th March - InterDigital reveals that, like Qualcomm, it is reworking relationship with IEEE after introduction of new patent policy

30th March - No ifs, no buts - it is time to shine a bright and permanent light on the full workings of the EPO

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