Postponement of ruling on key pharma “pipeline patents” case leaves Brazilian life sciences industry in lurch

Supreme Court has taken nearly a decade to rule on a constitutional challenge to a controversial law allowing pharma companies to bypass the regular patenting process

<strong>Postponement of ruling on key pharma “pipeline patents” case leaves Brazilian life sciences industry in lurch</strong>
25 Sep 2018

Iancu signals more 101 guidance is on the way

Proposals from USPTO will address problems around defining abstract ideas

25 Sep 2018

Huawei's Jason Ding named as the world's top IP dealmaker

The head of the IP group at the Chinese telecoms giant is the first Asia-based leader to top our annual Market Makers list of the most influential patent value creators on the planet


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Licensors like Qualcomm, Microsoft among biggest trade winners, China says

In its most thorough response yet to tech transfer complaints, government highlights $7 billion in annual IP payments to US firms and the country’s increasing attractiveness as a patent litigation venue. Read more

24 Sep 2018

The world's top IP dealmakers and value creators identified – part three

We reveal who is listed in positions 20 to 11 in this year's IAM Market Makers ranking of the individuals who drive the global IP market. Read more

24 Sep 2018

Inside Apple’s negotiations with a Chinese patent owner on the war path

The smartphone giant faces an infringement claim in Shanghai over Siri-related technology. Communications published by Chinese inventor show how the conflict developed. Read more

21 Sep 2018

PTAB reforms latest move by PTO to tackle Board’s “perception problem”  

After proposed change in claim construction standard, new procedures may lessen need for Congressional action  Read more

21 Sep 2018

The world's top IP dealmakers and value creators identified – part two

We reveal who is listed in positions 30 to 21 in this year's IAM Market Makers ranking of the individuals who drive the global IP market. Read more

21 Sep 2018

New firm backed by TCL is latest corporate foray into IP consulting services

Chinese electronics major’s general counsel will chair the new independent service provider. China is still showing strong demand for high-level IP strategy advice. Read more

20 Sep 2018

The rise of biosimilars and the future of healthcare intellectual property

Litigation between rights holders of biologic drugs and producers of biosimilars is set to become an increasingly important part of the life sciences IP landscape Read more

20 Sep 2018

Revealed: the leaders of the global IP market - part one

We begin the countdown of this year’s IAM Market Makers list, which names the elite individuals who drive global patent dealmaking and value creation from their positions inside corporates, NPEs, investment institutions and other entities. Today, positions 40 to 31. Read more

20 Sep 2018

Trade war escalation won’t curb intra-Chinese patent conflict

Chinese drone maker that hit DJI with an ITC complaint is accused of letting the side down, but it says it's putting business considerations first. Read more

18 Sep 2018

Patent groups respond to proposed increases in USPTO fees

Spotlight falls on new patent practitioner levy and big jump in cost of filing IPRs as the agency waits for Congressional action on fee-setting Read more

18 Sep 2018

The Supreme Court’s continuing fascination with patent law

From Oil States to SAS Institute and WesternGeco, the Supreme Court’s most recent term had plenty for patent practitioners to consider. Read more

18 Sep 2018

Philips DVD case is a missed opportunity for India

The Delhi High Court has handed down India’s first post-trial SEP decision in an eagerly awaited case involving DVD player patents. However, a closer look at the details suggests the judgment has limited value as a precedent for similar disputes Read more

18 Sep 2018

Swedish eye tracking leader sues to curb Chinese upstart

IBM patent asserted against Beijing-based startup with backing from HTC and Qualcomm. NPEs are also active in a possible new VR/AR battleground. Read more

17 Sep 2018

Latest quarterly numbers show patent deal activity dropping to lowest level in two years

Exclusive analysis from AST highlights lull in the secondary market. Seiko, Sony and GE feature among top sellers; while Longitude Licensing and RPX lead the way on buyside.  Read more

17 Sep 2018

When Vringo met China’s NDRC

It's not often you get a first-hand account from a foreign IP owner of being called to Beijing for a meeting with the National Development and Reform Commission, but in an IAM exclusive former Vringo chief IP officer David Cohen provides one Read more

17 Sep 2018

Patent controversy embroils South Korean biotech claiming key CRISPR IP

Questions emerge about whether ToolGen properly acquired foundational gene editing patents, and how much government support founder Kim Jin-soo received for his breakthrough invention. Read more

14 Sep 2018

Microsoft turns to the PTAB as it escalates dispute with Saint Regis tribe

Software giant files series of IPRs against patents transferred from SRC Labs. Reviews come after company’s announces renewal of licensing agreement with LG Electronics Read more

14 Sep 2018

Broad Institute wins crucial CRISPR decision at CAFC, but patent battle with University of California is far from over

The Federal Circuit’s judgment in favour of Broad in a much-anticipated CRISPR case is unlikely to bring the hard-fought patent dispute with its West Coast rival to an end just yet. Read more

14 Sep 2018

High stakes validity battle in South Korea makes strange bedfellows of Apple and Samsung

University that scored $400m Samsung verdict in the United States is now asking Korean ITC equivalent to ban iPhone imports. Read more

13 Sep 2018

Proprietary versus open standards in ICT

There are benefits and risks attached to the implementation of open and proprietary standards in ICT, both from a business and consumer perspective. It is therefore vital to get the balance right. Read more

13 Sep 2018

Patent litigation in Japan should be more attractive option, says JPO commissioner

In opening speech at IPBC Japan, Naoko Munakata suggests that rethinking rules around evidence collection and damages awards may make the system more "user-friendly" to start-ups and bigger companies Read more

11 Sep 2018

‘No timeline’ for 5G rate disclosure, Huawei IP chief tells IAM

In an exclusive interview, Jason Ding explains why aggregate royalties may come down in the 5G era and suggests that announcing rates now would be jumping the gun. Read more

10 Sep 2018

VW most active auto player in patent disputes, study finds

Courts in Europe now hear more cases than those in the US, though suits are down everywhere; IPRs, on the other hand, are growing in importance Read more

10 Sep 2018

It’s not done yet, but Trump trade deal could herald IP breakthrough for pharma innovators in Mexico

With a major focus on intellectual property, the new US-Mexico trade agreement may provide stronger data protection and patent rights Read more

10 Sep 2018

Japanese suppliers see little alternative to litigation as challenges in China mount

Companies across the auto supply chain seek to stop infringement and prevent trade secret loss as China’s central government seeks to boost local players. Read more

7 Sep 2018

NTT Docomo seals SEP licence deal with Xiaomi

Japanese telecom signs up a third major smartphone vendor as it continues to implement a more proactive patent monetisation strategy. Read more

6 Sep 2018

Building an effective IP strategy for AI

As well as raising interesting and often unsettling ethical, moral, social, political and privacy issues, AI raises practical patentability questions Read more

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