Trade war escalation won’t curb intra-Chinese patent conflict

Chinese drone maker that hit DJI with an ITC complaint is accused of letting the side down, but it says it's putting business considerations first.

Trade war escalation won’t curb intra-Chinese patent conflict
3 Sep 2018

Chinese drone makers square up at ITC

Armed with an industry-leading patent portfolio, DJI faces competitor litigation while dealing with increasing attention from NPEs.

31 Aug 2018

China set to overtake Japan in semiconductor sensor filings, but Sony remains top player

In the second part of our analysis of the semiconductor landscape we reveal that Sony is the top owner of semiconductor sensor patents, while Panasonic seems to have shifted its focus away.


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20 Aug 2018

Chinese battery maker picks up 100+ patents from Google

The buyer, Amperex Technology Limited, is facing a US patent suit and ITC investigation from LG Chem. The portfolio of former Motorola assets had been on the market since 2015. Read more

3 Aug 2018

More litigation and licensing opportunities will be result of tech players’ disruption

New report pegs aerospace, fintech and auto as three sectors where litigation risk is increasing. UK-based analytics provider Aistemos also predicts greater collaboration across industries. Read more

9 Jun 2018

Every entity that owns 1,000 or more active US patents identified in new IAM and ktMINE research

Close to 50% of all US patents are owned by a group of just 346 entities. IAM and analytics provider ktMINE reveal the members of the US Patent 1,000 Club. Read more

27 Apr 2018

South Korea and China set the global standard for gender equality in patent filing

IAM hosted IPBC Korea in Seoul yesterday, and the event coincided with World Intellectual Property Day, the theme of which this year was “Powering change: women in innovation and creativity”. As it turns out that was a very appropriate (if… Read more


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14 Feb 2018

Identifying the world's most innovative companies and why they stand apart

Earlier this month, the Clarivate Analytics 2017 Top 100 Global Innovators report was released. It was the seventh in an annual series of reports that identifies the world’s leading innovators,  celebrates their achievements and contributions to… Read more

16 May 2016

As new entrants stake out space in the auto sector, patent partnerships are the industry’s future

Automotive industry insiders admit to seeing potential new market entrants from Silicon Valley as a “competitive threat”, and say the only way to stay ahead of the game is through partnerships and collaborations between both the traditional auto… Read more

8 Dec 2015

It’s not all bad news in the IP market; things may be getting better (in parts, at least)

After the first day of this year’s IP Dealmakers Forum it was hard to pick the appropriate phrase to accurately describe the general sentiment. “Things might just be improving,” was probably the prevailing view, at least in some parts of the market… Read more

20 Oct 2015

Boeing, Google, HP, IBM, Philips and 10 other companies join forces at launch of new IP and tech transfer portal

IAM has joined forces with 15 leading companies to launch a new product that will simplify IP and technology transfer dealmaking, while making the process more transparent. IAM Market is an online portal that allows IP owners to profile their… Read more


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25 Jan 2018

Slowing application growth and tougher examiners: five key figures from SIPO’s 2017 patent data

Last week, China’s State Intellectual Property Office revealed its preliminary data from calendar year 2016 on everything from patent filings to administrative enforcement. As always, there are numerous interesting comparisons to be made with last… Read more

17 Nov 2017

Patent activity around batteries heats up as LG Chem and Toray team up against Chinese competitor

Massive government subsidies have led to a huge amount of activity in China’s electric vehicle sector. But key foreign suppliers like LG Chem have faced obstacles in the country as official policies favour local firms. Now, the Korean company and… Read more

29 Jul 2016

There’s less than meets the eye to university tech transfer in China, but the sector is ripe with opportunity

The latest slogan embraced by policymakers working on China’s IP development is that the nation needs to move from being a “big IP country” to being a “strong IP country”. That, of course, means less emphasis on just owning large quantities of… Read more

5 Apr 2016

Chinese drone companies fight it out in US courts as patent battles in the sector look likely to intensify

Chinese start-up DJI controls a large share of the consumer market for commercial unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) or drones. The company has also taken preliminary steps toward being a leading patent power in its field, with quickly growing filings,… Read more