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From time to time, issues of IAM feature management reports that take an in-depth look at a specific industry or practice area. Written by acknowledged experts in the field being covered, these reports are designed as user-friendly briefings that will keep readers up to date with the latest developments and cutting-edge thinking.

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Issue 31

August/September 2008
  • Litigation focus

    Because intellectual property is a legal right, in the end it only has value if those that own it are ready to go to court to defend what they have. A company that is prepared to stand by and watch others infringe its patents, trademarks, copyrights or trade secrets will not be in business for long. Certainly, its shareholders will very
    quickly begin to ask questions.

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Issue 25

August/September 2007
  • Outsourcing

    There is no doubting that these days
    outsourcing is a multi-billion dollar
    business. And it is not hard to see why,
    as companies are in a position to save
    substantial amounts of money when they
    send out work to be done by third parties
    at a fraction of the amount it would cost for
    the same to be done in-house

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Issue 23

April/May 2007

Issue 21

December 2006/January 2007
  • Germany’s IP challenge

    Although German companies have a strong innovative tradition, they must
    use intellectual property creatively if they are to be successful in meeting
    the economic challenges of the 21st century

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  • Inside Europe’s IP powerhouse

    In this special roundtable, three leading experts discuss major issues
    currently facing IP owners in Germany

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  • Life sciences companies follow different paths to success

    Nothing signifies Germany’s determination to position itself as a hub in the
    knowledge economy better than its life sciences industry. And, as in other
    countries, companies in the sector have contrasting approaches to
    commercialising their intellectual property

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  • Raising the roof with a successful IP strategy

    In the field of automotive component production, Webasto AG is a seasoned
    player. Its slick and streamlined IP department, along with excellent lines of
    communication, means it is well placed to extract maximum value from its
    rights, as well as get an edge in the market

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