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From time to time, issues of IAM feature management reports that take an in-depth look at a specific industry or practice area. Written by acknowledged experts in the field being covered, these reports are designed as user-friendly briefings that will keep readers up to date with the latest developments and cutting-edge thinking.

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Issue 37

September/October 2009
  • A FRANDly dud – patent smurfs defeated

    A recent German Federal Court of
    Justice decision on the FRAND
    defence strikes the perfect balance
    between the interests of patent
    owners and those of parties seeking
    a licence to their technology

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  • Patent pools in China

    China was initially suspicious of
    patent pools, viewing them as a
    threat to national interests. However,
    there is now a growing appreciation
    of the importance of joining pools
    and creating its own technologies,
    rather than resisting them

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  • Patent pools in high-tech industries

    Patent pools are the ideal solution
    wherever an independently
    administered, one-stop patent
    licence would be a convenient
    alternative providing efficient
    access to core patented technology

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  • Patent pools in practice

    Patent pools help markets develop
    and accelerate the adoption of
    technology standards while saving
    patent owners time and expense.
    They can bring order to a chaotic
    IP landscape

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Issue 35

May/June 2009

Issue 34

March/April 2009
  • How does your licence agreement address timely issues?

    Licensing deals are negotiated and
    licensing agreements written in real
    time. A robust pro forma licence
    agreement can save hours of
    transaction time at critical points in
    a deal

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  • Options available when commercialising university IP

    By implementing a sound and
    flexible IP management process,
    universities can spot the
    technologies most suitable for
    exploitation and give them a good
    start in life. For those that do so,
    there are rich rewards to be reaped

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  • The Indian version of the Bayh-Dole Act

    A bill that would allow governmentfunded
    academic institutions to
    patent their inventions has received
    a mixed reception. It should result in
    greater interaction between
    industry, academia and
    government, but some fear it does
    not protect the public interest

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  • The truth about business method patents

    Business method patents are still
    alive and well in the United States.
    However, the Federal Circuit’s
    landmark Bilski decision is a
    reminder that they must meet the
    “machine-or-transformation” test,
    like any other process claim.

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Issue 32

October/November 2008