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From time to time, issues of IAM feature management reports that take an in-depth look at a specific industry or practice area. Written by acknowledged experts in the field being covered, these reports are designed as user-friendly briefings that will keep readers up to date with the latest developments and cutting-edge thinking.

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Issue 66

July/August 2014

Issue 60

July/August 2013
  • IP in the Life Sciences Industries 2013

    No matter what stage of the business
    cycle they have reached, it is critical for
    companies in the life sciences sector to
    identify, protect and effectively manage
    their intellectual property if they want
    to maximise their chances of enduring
    success in the marketplace. A well-built,
    well-maintained IP portfolio enhances
    competitiveness, increases differentiation
    and can make a business more attractive
    to potential investors. It may also provide
    additional revenue streams where there are
    opportunities for it to be licensed or sold.

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Issue 59

May/June 2013
  • IP TRANSLATOR: earthquake or tremor?

    The European Court of Justice’s eagerly awaited decision in the IP TRANSLATOR case marks a turning point in the examination of trademark applications across the European Union. Applicants will need to review their filing strategies accordingly By Christian R Thomas,

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  • Protecting packaging and product designs as trademarks

    Protecting trade dress is a delicate matter – not least because the way in which it is promoted directly impacts on enforceability. However, a well-thought-out strategy can result in a trademark right that is valid before the US Patent and Trademark Office

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  • Strategic brand management in a global marketplace

    In today’s globalised market, it is more important than ever to make smart decisions on trademark selection, registration and enforcement. A successful brand management programme can play a vital role in minimising risk and maximising value

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  • Trademarks: evolving law in India

    India’s rise to prominence on the
    international scene has made
    it an increasingly attractive market
    in which to do business. The
    trademark regime is continually
    being refined to accommodate this
    growing interest

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Issue 54

July/August 2012