IAM Issue 99

Risky business: why failing to exploit intellectual property is the real danger

Why IP functions need to reframe intellectual property around opportunity not risk.

Michael Poppler and Colin Santangelo


Machines, learning – overcoming the IP hurdles raised by AI

As AI continues to transform industries, patent systems around the world are wrestling with the implications.

The inside track on a self-driving pioneer

Waymo’s IP leaders explain how intangible assets have enabled it to pull ahead.

The rocky road ahead – 2020 Patent 100 reveals fall in applications

Despite a startling drop in applications, this year’s IAM/ktMINE ranking shows that financial institutions are ramping up activity.

Quantum computing: primed for a quantum leap?

With companies vying for prime position in this runaway sector, US rights holders still face severe obstacles in prosecuting quality patents.

Ensuring the price is right in the 5G revolution

Price differentiation could prove key to the latest iteration of wireless technology.

NPEs head east

Court documents uncover a growing number of licensing players turning to litigation in China, but the results highlight myriad issues to resolve.

What the current wave of biosimilar litigation signals for the future

The growing body of disputes involving biologics innovators offers invaluable lessons.

Exclusive to IAM, the EPO president's first in-depth interview since getting the job

After 18 months as head of the European Patent Office, António Campinos shares his vision for the agency's future and talks quality, AI, the UPC, competition between the IP5, getting the examiner corps onside and plenty more on top

Prosecuting method of treatment and diagnostic method claims

What recent case law can teach us about protecting claims in the United States.

Hidden dangers: how to tackle invalidity challenges in China

The key Patent Re-examination Board rules for post-issuance proceedings.

Making the most of the latest data analytics tools

We talk to industry experts about fully exploiting new analysis platforms.

The chasm between US and EU software-related inventions

Consistency is key to overcome diverging approaches to applications.


Patent eligibility in medical diagnostics

Experts from around the world share their insights on patent-eligible subject matter.


Why the system for turning out tomorrow’s lawyers is not working in today’s marketplace

The legal education sector will need shaking up if it is to meet the evolving demands for legal knowledge.

If you thought the last decade was revolutionary, you ain’t seen nothing yet

We analyse 10 years of change for crucial clues as to what lies in store for the 2020s.

How Sonos v Google could shape the US patent narrative

A close look at how the media has covered the high-profile lawsuit shows there may have been a significant shift in IP coverage.


The top 10 patent market developments of 2019

Asset sales, trade wars and new names at the top made last year transformative for IP owners.

IP market news highlights

A rundown of some of the top news stories on the IAM platform in December, January and February.

Data centre

Johnson & Johnson takes the patent lead in medtech innovation

An in-depth analysis of medical technology-related patent portfolios reveals that Johnson & Johnson is the second largest innovator in the field, owning a significant number of high-quality patents in crucial sectors such as image analysis and AI.