IAM 98

IAM 98

IAM 98

Star turns – counting down the best of the best

New names, familiar faces: what it takes to earn a place in the Market Makers’ club



A deep dive into the quality of Huawei's 4G and 5G SEP portfolios

Digging into the Chinese tech giant’s market-leading patent arsenal reveals startling progress

Identifying opportunities in the 5G landscape

The next generation of mobile communication looks set to kick off a technological revolution across a range of sectors. Understanding the IP terrain will be crucial for those companies seeking to profit

Winning patent protection for medical diagnostics

US innovators complain of a system in dire straits, but what does the data tell us?

The state of play for SEPs in Europe's major jurisdictions

A country-by-country analysis warns of uneven ground in the standards landscape

How a changing geopolitical climate is affecting licensing

As China opens up and tariffs bear down, what impact is the US/China trade stand-off having on patents?

The brokered patent market in 2019

Richardson Oliver Insights highlights a shrinking market, but rising asset prices in its annual breakdown of the deals landscape

Antitrust and life sciences in the United States – navigating the pitfalls

A guiding light through the lawsuits and legislation that are giving patent professionals plenty to think about

Uncovering the "hidden figures" of innovation

Facebook and 3M share their plans to tackle gender disparity in the patent system

Using data to pick the best patent prosecution professionals

An innovative new method to select the best expertise for the strongest grants

Five tips for patenting inventions in personalised and stratified medicine

Best practices to follow for patent filings as treatments become more bespoke

How to stretch your IP budget

A few easy steps could significantly help in-house counsel to make their case


All eyes turn to London as UK Supreme Court mulls SEP FRAND cases

How the appeals brought by Huawei and ZTE could upend the licensing market

IP market news highlights

IAM’s biggest autumn reads


UK general election could lead to paradigm shift in pharma patents

With the two main parties split over patents, could consumer concerns finally be heard?

China's IP ascent is not written in stone

Why China’s patent lead is running out of steam

For start-ups, patents should be a means to an end, not an end in themselves

The key for early-stage success is capital and while IP protection is particularly important in certain sectors, acquiring large portfolios is not always the best approach


Crunching the numbers: how patent analytics can help IP owners get ahead

How data is used is reshaping large parts of the patent market, from portfolio development and maintenance to prosecution and deal making, providing rights holders with a new range of tools to master

Patents in Asia-Pacific 2019/2020: The new innovation battleground

Businesses trying to deepen their knowledge of filing in Asia need look no further than this annual report, copublished by IAM and leading IP firms

Patents in Asia-Pacific 2019/2020: China

Patents in Asia-Pacific 2019/2020: India

Patents in Asia-Pacific 2019/2020: Southeast Asia

Data centre

After their global litigation fight settled, we put GlobalFoundries's and TSMC's portfolios under the microscope

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