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IAM 95

IAM 95

Top 100 US patent owners 2019

The IAM/ktMINE Patent 100 is back to give the latest rundown on the companies that own the largest patent portfolios in the United States. While Samsung retains a vice-like grip on the top spot, there is much to analyse further down the rankings as we see new players entering the 100, different sectors doubling down on their patenting efforts and some notable fallers.



Why Randall Rader believes the Chinese CAFC is a gamechanger

The new IP tribunal shows that China is accepting its responsibilities as a world leader in IP policy, says the former US Federal Circuit chief judge.

Intellectual property 4.0

As the fourth industrial revolution gets underway, operating companies need to ensure that their IP strategies are fit for a rapidly changing technological landscape.

The ITC as a forum for biologic and biosimilar patent disputes

While disputes brought before the International Trade Commission relating to biologics and biosimilar patents are rare, there is a growing case for why rights holders in this sector should consider the commission as part of their litigation strategy.

Charting China’s changing pharma patent landscape

China’s healthcare sector is booming and while the patent system has developed considerably in recent years, pharmaceutical companies should still think carefully about how to protect their rights.

Bad faith in China: unique solutions for unique problems

As the Chinese authorities continue to promote the rapid development of the country’s IP market, they are also investing more efforts into countering various forms of patent market abuse.

Chips off the new block

With the advent of the Internet of Things, the semiconductor sector is on the brink of another step change – a group of IP executives at leading chip companies talk to us about how patent strategy is evolving.

Is it time to focus on practical application over invention in Step 2 of the Alice test?

New USPTO guidelines on subject matter eligibility have been met with praise from many patent owners but may diverge from US Supreme Court precedent.

Beyond FTC v Qualcomm: the emerging FRAND playbook for standards implementers

Another lawsuit in the United States shows how litigation strategies for implementers and owners of SEPs are continuing to evolve.


IP investors – where to put your money now

The public IP company sector might have suffered of late but it is not going away just yet.

Putting intangible assets into perspective

How boards of directors can better understand the leading source of a company’s value.

Federal Circuit doubles down on ineligibility of diagnostic correlations

What the latest Federal Circuit 101 decision means for the medical diagnostics sector.


Even as the storm clouds gather, Huawei’s enviable IP position means that it cannot be ignored in 5G

Storm clouds are gathering over the most talked about company in the telecoms sector but as we embark on a new era of mobile technology, Huawei still enjoys a number of notable advantages.

IP market news highlights

The big stories from the IAM platform in February and March.

Data centre

IP-related statistics from the recent past

A selection of recently reported facts and figures.

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