IAM Issue 91

Roundtable: China looks ahead to 5G

As 5G moves closer to becoming a reality, Chinese firms are set to play a major role. Stakeholders from key Chinese and foreign contributors and implementers discuss the most urgent IP issues they face going forward


Dissecting TCL v Ericsson – what went wrong?

Ericsson has a world-class portfolio of cellular SEPs which it is keen to license on FRAND terms, but the long-awaited decision of a California court in a case involving the Swedish company and TCL may not have correctly valued the portfolio

Dateline San Francisco for IP’s global elite

The 11th IPBC Global took place at the Palace Hotel in San Francisco between 10 and 12 June. A sell-out crowd of more than 650 delegates took part in three days of top-level discussions focusing on the key issues involved in developing and rolling out IP value creation strategies in a world that is becoming ever more interconnected and complex. From an electrifying opening keynote address by USPTO Director Andrei Iancu, through a wide range of plenaries and breakouts, to the final masterclass sessions on China deal making and partnering with universities on the Tuesday afternoon, this was an event to remember

Patent trolling and its backlash – a Nobel laureate perspective

Patent trolls are generally regarded with disdain and lawsuits designed to extract low-value settlements are treated as nuisance litigations that take advantage of the costs of defence – but in reality, things are not so simple

The changing face of the IP value creation market

As the patent market continues to evolve companies are becoming ever more creative as they look to generate a return from their intellectual property

IP secrets to Fujifilm’s transformation

Patent portfolio data illustrates how Fujifilm has leveraged its R&D strategy to engineer a lucrative venture into the healthcare domain and suggests where the company may be headed next

10 things IP practitioners need to know about GDPR

As companies in every sector continue to grapple with the European Union’s expansive new data privacy rules, the interplay between the General Data Protection Regulation and IP rights raises numerous unanswered questions

Patent monetisation during World War FRAND

With the legal landscape surrounding SEPs shifting in many countries, it has never been more important to take a global view of patent assertion – but any cross-border litigation strategy needs careful consideration

How East Asian companies can stand up to pressure from US protectionist IP policies

A turbulent IP and trade environment has Asian tech firms caught in the crossfire. They need to use every tool at their disposal to protect their businesses


As the US trade war intensifies, pro-plaintiff China may not be what it seems

A new US NPE with big-money backing has identified China as the place in which to build a major licensing programme. However, recent geopolitical and courtroom developments might give its owners some pause for thought.

Seen and heard

A round-up of IP-related quotes, observations and opinions from the recent past …


Intangible investor: Defying the monetisation market

Valuations for businesses that provide patent management and analysis are rising, even as patent licensing continues to decline

IP strategist: BEPS initiative has big implications for IP departments

New OECD rules aimed at tightening international tax compliance make questions of IP management and the contribution of intangibles to profit critical pieces of corporate strategy

IP lawyer: Jury awards Apple $533 million for design patent infringement based on four-factor test

After considering competing proposals and a four-factor test formulated during Supreme Court proceedings, a jury at the US District Court for the Northern District of California has ordered Samsung to pay Apple $533 million in damages for infringing three design patents

Data centre

IP-related statistics from the recent past

A selection of key IP facts and figures, as reported by IAM and other sources