IAM Issue 85

Intellectual property in Asia’s boardrooms

The work is not necessarily over when negotiators shake hands on an IP-based transaction. Closing a deal means selling it to the board which, in Asia, is often a job for both parties

Jacob Schindler


The (not so) secret source

Open source software has come to dominate the underlying infrastructure of much of the world’s technology. But with success have come the inevitable growing pains

IP protection on the factory floor

Manufacturing facilities are at the front line of IP protection and must be accounted for in any comprehensive trade secrets policy. Instilling an understanding of intellectual property here is particularly important in developing economies

Rights holders need to keep faith in standard-essential patents

Despite uncertainty over the value of standard-essential patents, careful analysis of major patent markets around the world shows that they can still pay off for rights holders

Above and beyond

The IP Hall of Fame Academy selected four outstanding individuals to be the induction class of 2017

Patent regime and historic developments in India for the life sciences sector

India has a hard-won reputation as a major producer of generic pharmaceuticals. However, the IP framework around life sciences is evolving, prompting changes within the sector

Why driverless cars are a game changer for cybersecurity

Technology companies see big opportunities in the auto sector. But if they are to truly thrive in this market, they must first solve the challenge of cybersecurity

The patent monetisation hurdle race

It has never been harder to monetise patent assets. Governments and regulatory authorities must step up to make the current hurdle race to success much less taxing

A special anniversary at a time of rapid change

From June 18 to 20 2017, the 10th IPBC Global took place in Ottawa, with more than 500 senior IP leaders in attendance. Over the three days of the event a wide range of topics came up for discussion under the general theme of intellectual property in the age of convergence. The conference confirmed that the IP market is changing. The US-based confrontations which were once such a feature of the landscape have given way to a more collaborative approach to value creation, on a much more international stage. Business models and attitudes are evolving rapidly – and come 2020 it could all look very different again


Intangible investor: PIPCOs adapt to ch- changing times

“Turn and face the strange,” sang David Bowie, whose flair for reinvention is something that some public non-practising entities are hoping to replicate

View from the IP Hall of Fame: Consensus grows that US patent system needs a lifeline

As the US patent system plummets from number one to 10 in the US Chamber of Commerce’s annual global ranking, calls for reform are growing more urgent before these negative trends become irreversible

IP strategist: Will artificial intelligence replace IP strategy?

Artificial intelligence is already affecting the way we conduct R&D and may even change the way we think about invention. But it will only make the job of the IP strategist more important

IP lawyer: Does TC Heartland signal the end of East Texas’ dominance?

It’s all over for East Texas but the crying, as they say. Following the Supreme Court’s ruling in TC Heartland, the flood of patent cases being heard in Marshall is at a high-water mark and shows no sign of subsiding


Litigation cools in the United States, while the political action hots up

The first six months of the year saw a continuing decline in patent litigation in the United States, although the same cannot be said for political developments in June and July

Seen and heard

A round-up of IP-related quotes, observations and opinions from the recent past …

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IP-related statistics from the recent past

A selection of key IP facts and figures, as reported by IAM and other sources