IAM Issue 72

The inside perspective

The global IP market is changing at a rapid pace. This is reflected in the findings of IAM’s latest benchmarking surveys, which record the views of market makers across the world

Industry insight

Open for innovation

The world’s top IP owners are racing to keep the golden age of innovation alive, writes Bob Stembridge


Constructing a holistic corporate patent monetisation strategy

A well-rounded monetisation strategy should combine enforcement with technology-driven alternatives. A systems engineering approach to using patents can improve financial statements, increase market share and enhance enterprise value

Double standards

The IEEE’s new patent policy was meant to bring clarity to licensing negotiations over standard-essential patents. But with a group of companies insisting that they will not license under the new terms, they have instead brought division and accusations of a biased process

In search of the next patent war

As the smartphone patent wars peter out, a wide-angle view of the shifting legislative and technological landscape worldwide might help to pinpoint when and where the next litigation frenzy will ensue

The IP of the IoT  

Intellectual property will be at the core of tomorrow’s hyper-connected world, where the Internet of Things will facilitate greater interaction between our homes, workplaces and vehicles. Here, we take a look at some of the likely key players

The strategic counter-assertion model for patent portfolio RoI

Targeting the revenues of other companies according to the patent assertion risk they present effectively defines your patent development and external acquisition strategies

No longer just for defendants

Invalidity studies have emerged as a valuable resource for patent monetisation, management and investment, and are increasingly being used by rights holders and even potential buyers

Opportunity India

After years of near-zero patent litigation activity, major international licensing players are dipping their toes into India’s judicial waters. The early results suggest that this is a venue to watch closely

Quality patents becomes the new mantra in China

After several years of intensive growth in patent filings and grants, the Chinese government and businesses in the country are turning their attention to improving the strategic value of intellectual property. A group of industry insiders discuss the issues this raises

The 1,000 club – the entities that own over half of all in-force US patents

Last issue, we revealed the companies that own the 100 largest portfolios of active US patents. Here, we expand the list to name each of the 369 entities holding portfolios of over 1,000 assets, representing over half of all US patents currently in force

Spring festival

This April, top IP executives, investors and strategists from around the world convened in Beijing for IPBC China. The focus was on the latest developments in this most exciting of emerging IP markets


IP strategist: It might be time to revisit your IP strategy

When financial market conditions change, savvy investors generally take a fresh look at their portfolio strategy and make adjustments accordingly. Intellectual property is no different

The intangible investor: Uncertainty rules

Confusion over new patent hurdles and lower damages awards is creating an opportunity for licencees and buyers who can recognise a bargain

IP lawyer: Federal Circuit saves complementary products from exhaustion

The US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit has overturned a holding of exhaustion in a case involving separately patented, complementary inventions

IP insider: Strong patents doctrine: how intellectual property fuels competition

In the midst of the current US patent reform debate, the hackneyed notion that patents are incompatible with a competitive marketplace rears its head again


Broken by a system that encourages bad behaviours, IPXI closes down

IPXI could have been a game-changing way to license patents; but after six years of trying, its members and management have thrown in the towel. Its CEO’s explanation for the failure laid the blame on a US system that incentivises conflict over deal making and leaves plenty for those who want to further weaken the rights of patent owners to contemplate

Seen and heard

A round-up of IP-related quotes, observations and opinions from the recent past …


Days of change

The US patent landscape is evolving at a rapid pace. A panel of leading lawyers discusses developments and predicts what might happen next

Data centre

IP-related statistics from the recent past

A selection of key IP facts and figures, as reported by IAM and other sources