IAM Issue 69

The rise of the Google gorilla

Whether you like or loathe Google’s stance on patent reform, there is no denying that under the leadership of Allen Lo, the company has developed a world-class patent operation. And it seems that this will only get stronger

Richard Lloyd


China’s IP protection minefield: separating fact from fiction

China is the key emerging market for international technology companies. Smart, well-informed IP and business strategies are required if companies are to make the most of what the country has to offer

Headwinds for the US biopharmaceutical industry

A series of major developments in US foreign trade policies and US FTC (over)zealous actions may shake up the operational environment for life sciences patent owners

Benchmarking Asia’s IP leaders

For the past few months, IAM has been carrying out a survey of the Asia-Pacific entities that are at the forefront of IP value creation in the region. Our findings highlight what they see as their key challenges and opportunities

The brokered patent market in 2014

The life of a patent broker has never been easy. Over the last year it has become even harder, with prices dropping and deal flow slowing

Back in the old routine

After several years of decline, the indications are that the patent transactions marketplace is getting more active again in 2014, with big corporates in the United States and Asia leading the way

Patenting software in China

As China pursues innovation-driven development, IP issues are under growing scrutiny. Multinationals would be well advised to protect their software by following best practice when it comes to applying for patents

Standardised uncertainty

Courts are slowly starting to set out rules for licensing and enforcing standards-essential patents. While fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory terms are supposed to guarantee access to these and prevent hold-ups, some question whether such terms are effective or necessary

You need a business intelligence process, not a technology landscape

Patent landscaping is now all the rage when it comes to IP strategy. However, despite its popularity, it could prove worthless for many rights holders if other aspects of competitive intelligence are overlooked

Data centre

IP-related statistics from the recent past

A selection of key IP facts and figures, as reported by IAM and other sources


IP lawyer: Australian court rules isolated gene sequences are patentable

The Full Court of the Federal Court of Australia has distanced itself from the position of the US Supreme Court and confirmed that isolated gene sequences do represent patentable subject matter in Australia

IP strategist: The inverse relationship between brand-based and tech-based intellectual property

Patents tend to dominate discussions of IP value, while brands, know-how and other assets are all too often absent

IP insider: Stalemate or statesman?

Several things are needed to move forward constructively with the rebalancing of the US IP system

The intangible investor: Higher patent quality hurdles may help some licensing companies to prevail

The best-performing IP stocks have the right combination of assets, business model and size. A few have outperformed the waning bull market, but can they survive the bear?

Suzanne Michel, Google interview transcript

Transcript of interview with Suzanne Michel, Google

Allen Lo, Google interview transcript

Transcript of full interview with Allen Lo, deputy general counsel, patents and patent litigation, Google; conducted by Richard Lloyd, North America editor of IAM


Michelle Lee has a big call to make about US patent reform

There are no doubts about the credentials of the first woman to be nominated as the permanent director of the USPTO. But once she is sworn in, Michelle Lee’s political skills will be strongly tested if she backs congressional moves for major changes to the US patent litigation system

Seen and heard

A round-up of IP-related quotes, observations and opinions from the recent past …

Industry insight

How China became king of the global patent landscape

China has fulfilled predictions to take the number one spot for patent filing. As its IP ambitions continue unabated, any global IP strategy must account for China’s continued dominance of the innovation landscape