IAM Issue 68

Randall Rader’s patent truth

Randall Rader left a considerable legacy at the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit. In his first full-length interview since stepping down in June, he talks expansively about the state of the court, its relationship with the Supreme Court and the patent market in general


Drivers of IP value – the most active companies in intellectual property revisited

Findings presented back in issue 61 of IAM dispelled the myth that patent count is all that is needed for a strong and valuable IP portfolio. This year, a repeat of that research is taken further by providing examples of IP portfolio management and the gathering of competitive intelligence

Lines of defence

Back in issue 56 of IAM, we explored the boom in third-party finance for patent litigation. We return to the industry to catch up with its latest innovation – funding for defendants

Policy makers must realise not all licensing-based businesses are the same

The moniker ‘patent troll’ is increasingly widely used – often as a scare term. However, while the label describes a variety of patent-holding companies, it fails to differentiate between those engaged in abusive behaviour and those behaving perfectly reasonably

Patent reform, but not the Washington way

The US patent reform debate involves strong and divergent opinions. However, there is also a surprising amount of agreement on what needs fixing, how to fix it and what the future may hold

How to reinvent an industry

Using the car-rental sector as a model, it is possible to see how sophisticated market analysis and IP mapping can be used to target inventions and disrupt an entire industry

Building a high-quality patent portfolio in China and the United States

Companies need to be rigorous in controlling patent quality to achieve better return on investment. Clear and comprehensive procedures enable the right decisions to be made on whether to file a patent application and help to ensure high-quality drafting

Made in Japan

There were no empty seats at the first-ever IPBC Japan, which took place in Tokyo on September 4, and 70% of the delegates came from the country’s corporate community. The theme of the day was change and how to deal with it. Attendees left with plenty to ponder


A Windy City wake-up call for the IP market

With the IP marketplace under scrutiny as never before, a recent initiative to create best practice standards around deal making, entity behaviours and other issues could be an idea whose time has come

Seen and heard


The intangible investor: Priceline founder says he can fix “totally broken” licensing system

Prolific inventor Jay Walker says new ideas are needed to make innovation less contentious. He is convinced that ‘no fault’ patent licensing will make it happen

IP lawyer: Japanese IP court seeks a little help from friends on FRAND licensing dispute

A recent case relating to the licensing of standards-essential patents was the first in which the IP High Court of Japan invited the submission of amicus briefs

IP insider: Big data and intellectual property

‘Big data’ is the buzz term of the moment, but what about where it intersects with intellectual property – can investments in big data and associated analytics be protected without overprotecting them?

IP strategist: Mind the (cultural) gap

While more and more corporates are looking to academia for innovative solutions, there remains a challenge managing the gap between the differing wants and needs of companies and universities

Data centre

IP-related statistics from the recent past

A selection of key IP facts and figures, as reported by IAM and other sources