IAM 65

IAM 65

IAM 65

The role of trust in patent monetisation

As patent monetisation-focused
business models continue to attract
controversy, it is more important
than ever for non-practising entities
to demonstrate integrity and
trustworthiness in order to secure
partnerships with patent owners

Scott Burt


IP deals meet bankruptcy: what every IP professional needs to know

Some of the best prospects forvalue creation, and the mostsignificant risks, lie in creative useof the IP portfolios of financiallydistressed businesses

Top 100 US patent owners 2014

The second edition of the US Patent 100, which names the entities with the largest active US patent portfolios, looks very different from the first list published this time last year

Key patent valuation issues for European businesses raising new capital

European investors generallyhave a limited understanding ofpatents when compared to their UScounterparts. A major challenge forbusinesses is to provide them withcredible and appropriate valuations

Change in practice

The implementation of the AmericaInvents Act and the prospect offurther reforms in the near futuremean that prosecuting attorneysmust be adaptive if they are tocontinue securing high-qualitypatents for their clients

Patents, network effects and social media

Twitter’s successful initial publicoffering has focused attention onhow much value patents actuallycontribute to publicly traded socialmedia companies

Powers of attraction

Whether a company is seekingacquisition targets or potentialsuitors, it is increasingly thestrength of the intellectual propertyon offer that is the driving attraction.However, the messages toparticipants are ‘buyer beware’ and‘seller, be prepared’

The TomTom route

Building an entire patent portfoliofrom scratch while your company isbesieged by claims of infringementwould be a daunting task for many.But TomTom’s chief IP strategist,Peter Spours, rose to the challengewith gusto

Software licences and patent infringement claims – a risky business?

There can be significant hiddenrisks in software licence agreementsfor those who fail to take account ofa relatively common indemnificationexclusion


Beauty is in the eye of the holder

Google’s recent sale of Motorola Mobility’shandset business to Lenovo for $2.9billion is a reminder that the meaning of apatent acquisition is as much a reflectionof perceived need as it is of market value

Navigating the pitfalls of patent transactions

While the patent market remains busy,parties must avoid several potentialsnags before successfully completinga transaction – particularly wheremonetisation efforts are led by a centralteam, but intellectual property is ownedby individual business units

Getting the right balance: proposed US legislation aimed at abusive patent litigation

Legislation designed to reduceabusive patent suits that is currentlybefore the US Senate could open upa major loophole for supply-chainmanipulation – illustrating yet again thatfinding the right IP balance is far fromstraightforward

Pharmaceutical patents in South Africa: a new drug war

Last September the South Africangovernment published its draft nationalIP policy for comment. It covers a rangeof IP issues, including proposals on theway in which pharmaceutical patentsshould be dealt with

Evolving is not just for business models

A personal reflection upon – andprojection from – over a decade in the IPinnovation space at PARC


Seen and heard

A round-up of IP-related quotes, observations and opinions from the recent past...

A revolution postponed

If recent reports coming outof China are accurate, thecountry could now be leadingthe world in IP financing. Thereality, though, may be a littlemore nuanced

Data centre

IP-related statistics from the recent past

A selection of key IP facts and figures, as reported by IAM and other sources

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