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The future of IP is ours to win

After 15 years in charge of IP at Philips, Ruud Peters retired as the company’s chief IP officer at the end of 2013. As he surveys the IP landscape that he leaves behind, he sees a system under attack – but one that continues to have a compelling and positive story to tell

Ruud J Peters


War between 3D printing and IP rights is not inevitable

Self-manufacturing almost any product or part will soon be a reality. How rights holders respond will determine the future of many industries and businesses, and maybe of intellectual property itself

Cinar’s arguments marooned by Canadian Supreme Court

A landmark decision of the Supreme Court of Canada has set new precedents for evaluating whether a substantial part of a creative work has been copied, the use of expert witnesses and damages for copyright infringement

Be a pilot: earning your wings

The best career advice requires the pursuit of both the creation and recognition of value

Newly proposed US patent litigation legislation: a note of caution

If the Innovation Act – which was approved by the US House of Representatives in December – becomes law, it could prove to be more damaging to US innovation than the problems it is intended to address

Frugal innovation: what will it mean for IP management?

The predominant types of innovation taking place in the world’s emerging economies suggest that a novel – and less patent-centric – approach to IP strategy and management is required


A vision of the future for non-profit technology transfer

Research institutions are expected to bring benefit to the public, while their technology transfer offices seek to generate financial returns. The future of non-profit technology transfer depends on finding ways to reconcile these two often conflicting goals

Rebalancing the patent economy

A real patent market is required to overcome the current situation, where infringement and litigation are often the only options and where small actors are systematically penalised

Trends in inter partes review and covered business method review

When the US Congress introduced new post-grant reviews in the America Invents Act, it was targeting ‘patent trolls’; but a look at the facts and figures shows that the procedures are mostly being used against operating companies

Engines of collaboration

The US automotive sector was hit harder than most when the global financial crisis struck in 2008. But thanks to IP-enabled open innovation, its future is now looking a lot brighter

Singapore swings

They came from all corners of the world to attend the IPBC Asia in Singapore last November; and they enjoyed what was a highly memorable event

A tale of two patent battles: key lessons on IP and business strategy

Yahoo!’s 2012 lawsuit against Facebook and the settlement of a long-running patent dispute between Broadcom and Qualcomm demonstrate how IP strategy has become a critical element of competitiveness for leading companies

The use of competitive intelligence in IP monetisation

Extensive due diligence is required for any IP value creation strategy. Intelligence gathering is central to this process – and intellectual property itself can be one of the best sources of intelligence for understanding the competitive landscape

Kodak’s IP lynchpin

On the eve of his departure from Kodak after 17 eventful years, chief IP officer Timothy Lynch talks patent sales, bankruptcy, communicating with the C-suite and the importance of teamwork

Welcoming ‘the innovator’s dilemma’ to patent committees

Many organisations struggle to make the most of disruptive innovation emerging from their R&D functions. Patent committees can ensure that potentially game-changinginventions do not slip throughthe net

Data centre

Data centre

2013: the IP year in statistics


Seen and heard

A round-up of IP-related quotes, observations and opinions from the recent past ...

They made the big IP news in a very busy year …

The IAM IP personalities of 2013 encapsulate the zeitgeist of what was an action-packed year in a field that is increasingly taking centre stage in politics, investment and business

Industry insight

Keeping your intellectual property in the cloud

Heidi Salow, vice president at Thomson Reuters, shares best practices for securing IP assets and confidential data in the age of digital storage

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