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You can call me troll

Erich Spangenberg, founder, owner and CEO of IP Navigation Group, has been described by one critic as “the most notorious patent troll in America”. But what does he care? Business is booming – and growing IP awareness outside of the United States is presenting a wealth of new opportunities

Jack Ellis


Microsoft: bold IP moves provide intriguing results

Failure to dominate in diverse product lines has not stopped Microsoft from crafting an innovative and sustainable patent strategy, and generating billions of licensing dollars

Strategic options for reducing the cost of patent rights

A number of strategic options can help to reduce the cost of accessing and purchasing patent portfolios

Software patents – do the ends justify the means?

The requirements for the patentability of computer-implemented inventions in Europe are notoriously difficult to pin down. Two recent judgments offer an opportunity to consider the English approach and compare it with that of the European Patent Office

Resisting temptation: the other kind of IP

Innovation is not the only thing we should look for and appreciate on our store shelves

The US IP system corrective process kicks into gear again

The US Supreme Court is to hear two cases involving baseless patent lawsuits. This is a welcome example of the judicial branch helping to correct abuses and freeing up the US Congress to focus on issues uniquely requiring legislative attention


Protecting trade secrets in China – some practical tips

Despite fairly robust legal protections, trade secret theft in China remains a serious problem. However, there are various practical safeguards that companies can explore, from properly training employees to setting up fake servers to attract hackers

The complex and debated role of NPEs in the patent system

Non-practising entities continue to dominate the patent debate in the United States, but there is still little data shedding light on the scale of their activities or the strategies that they pursue

How to value IP portfolios for acquisition

Innovation-driven growth, typically secured by patent acquisitions, is becoming increasingly important. Acacia Research Corp’s acquisition of LED patents offers a valuable case study of how to pursue a successful acquisition strategy

Strategies of the top global filers at the Indian Patent Office

As the number of patent applications filed by multinationals at the Indian Patent Office continues to soar, we take a closer look at the biggest filers and analyse the prevailing trends

Afghanistan: the final frontier for patents

Afghanistan’s application to join the World Trade Organisation obliges it to have a working IP system, despite continuing instability and no rule of law. Lisa Kilday relates her extraordinary account of helping to set up the Afghan patent system despite Taliban attacks in Kabul

From processes to products – how to monetise internal innovation

Internally developed technology not only helps companies to work better, but can form the basis of revenue-generating products and services. Tata Technologies offers a masterclass in how service-based companies can transform themselves into innovation powerhouses

Trust, but verify: are you collecting your fair share of royalties?

A recent report reveals that 89% of audited licensees underreport and underpay royalties. Its authors detail how to become one of the 11% of licensors whose royalty fee is accurately reported

The brokered patent market in 2013

While the brokered patent market in the United States is going from strength to strength, there is still little analysis of this obscure business. A review of 222 deals offers welcome insight into what is becoming a lucrative market


Seen and heard

A round-up of IP-related quotes, observations and opinions from the recent past ...

The Goodlatte act: not anti-troll, but very definitely anti-plaintiff

A bipartisan bill designed to halt so-called ‘abusive’ patent litigation in the United States will not make patent trolls go away. But it will make life much harder for all types of plaintiff

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