IAM Issue 52

Apple v Android – the struggle for IP supremacy in the mobile market

Skirmishes in the mobile telephony IP wars are being fought across the world. But if Apple’s goal is permanently to exclude Android products from key markets, the company is doomed to failure

Mark Summerfield


Balanced counterassertion: a study in wireless patent rivalry

Patent assertion is a mainstream business tool in the wireless sector. Understanding the dynamics that underpin the process will lead to more effective strategies and a higher chance of success

Attracting and keeping senior IP management talent

For IP-owning companies, few tasks are more important than
recruiting and retaining talent that can maximise intellectual asset value

Robin Hood, the Magna Carta and the European Convention on Human Rights

EU law takes precedence over national law in EU member states. This makes companies vulnerable to EU competition investigations without notice or any evidence of wrongdoing. How can intellectual asset managers become proactive
to change the law?

Ethics face-off: Olympus v Waters

Waters and Olympus both operate in the scientific and supplies sector. The former has reaped a strong dividend from its focus on integrity; the latter is beginning to learn that
ethics really do matter

Protecting the ultimate intangible

The preservation and enhancement of reputation are the primary tasks of all organisations, because the
consequences of not prioritising them are always damaging – and very often catastrophic

Training tomorrow’s chief IP officers

Intellectual property has been a staple of law courses for years. But as it moves out of legal departments, the need for cross-disciplinary, business-focused university IP teaching programmes is becoming greater. A few pioneering institutions are leading the way

IP management in aerospace and defence

Aerospace and defence companies were there at the start of the technology revolution. Today, innovation continues across the sectors, as do cutting-edge approaches to IP management

Riding the gold wind wave

Goldwind is one of China’s biggest wind turbine companies and a globally recognised innovator. As vice president Kai Wu makes clear, its approach to business and innovation is rooted in Chinese culture – which also has a profound
effect on its IP strategies


The IP movers and shakers of 2011

The IAM IP personalities of 2011 may not all be human beings, but each and every one made a significant impact on,
or contribution to, the IP world last year, and will continue to
do so for the foreseeable future

Seen and heard

A round-up of IP-related quotes, observations and opinions from the recent past ...


An ever-evolving corporate IP licensing practice

The IP licensing business at HP has developed on a continuous basis in order to keep pace with the ever–
changing IP transactions landscape

Predictability restored to Canadian patent prosecution

The Federal Court of Appeal’s ruling in the Amazon.com case verifies that purposive claim construction is required prior to assessing whether subject matter is patentable.

The imperfect storm

A new wave of anti-IP rhetoric is angrier and uglier than ever. Figuring out who is fuelling it and why is not that difficult.
Overcoming the negative impact is

Industry insight

Brazil: a shining star among BRIC nations

Recent research undertaken by Thomson Reuters shows that Brazil has taken a major step forward with regards to both
intellectual property and innovation, writes Bob Stembridge