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IAM 47

IAM 47

Quality counts

Consistently securing quality
patents for your clients is a tough
job. An IAM/Ocean Tomo
collaboration reveals which US
firms are doing just that and looks
at the secrets of their success

Sara-Jayne Clover


The demise of the 25% rule

The Federal Circuit’s recentdecision in Uniloc v Microsoftregarding the 25% reasonableroyalty rule is not only on point,but also long overdue. But thecourt did not get everything right

The value of IP as a commodity

Developed as a new andtransparent way of trading IPlicence rights, IP ExchangeInternational (IPXI) has created quitea stir in the IP transaction market.One of the people behind its roll-outexplains how it works

Postmodern IAM

The world economy continuesto change, so the way in whichcompanies manage their intellectualassets has to change too. Neverhas the term “adapt or die” beenmore appropriate

Divided patent infringement and patent valuation

A series of recent decisions fromthe Court of Appeals for the FederalCircuit mean that patent valuationwill never be the same again

Smartphone wars and European competition law

The smartphone IP wars havecaptured many newspaperheadlines. If the companiesinvolved are not careful, they mayalso soon attract the attention ofEuropean competition authorities

The essential skills of a leading patent litigator

Many people describe themselvesas patent litigators, but only aselect few can be considered worldclass. Those who are often sharesimilar traits

Reputation loss: a palpable intangible asset liability

A lost reputation can cost acompany billions of dollars;the personal implications for itsdirectors are equally as serious

Who’s in charge here?

Although intellectual assets oftencomprise the bulk of corporatevalue, their oversight – if it exists –is all too often diffuse anduncoordinated. A recent IAFSroundtable discussed how thissituation might change if there werea post-holder inside companies totake overall responsibility for them


European Court of Justice says “no” to European Patents Court

Europe’s top court may have ruled that aproposed single patent litigation systemis not compatible with EU law, but that isnot the end of the story

Facing emerging competition: the wagon dilemma

What we don’t understand aboutemerging competition tempts motion intwo possible directions – only one ofwhich takes us forward

An image is worth 10,000 words

Businesses that have a reputation forsuccessfully identifying and managing IPrights could be sitting on an overlookedasset – their patent brand


Seen and heard

A round-up of IP-related quotes, observations and opinions from the recent past...

The inductees into the IP Hall of Fame for 2011 are announced

On 25th February the identities ofthe five individuals to be inductedinto the IP Hall of Fame for 2011were revealed.

RPX, an IPO and a question of future direction

Although defensive patentaggregator RPX Corporationhas been an outstandingsuccess since its launch in2008, those seeking to buyshares via its proposed IPOmay have questions beforeopting to invest their cash

Industry insight

Changing IP data quality from a good idea to a sustainable business process

For those looking for accurate andconsistent IP data there are a varietyof new technologies, processesand practices that can help, writesAdam Jaffe of Thomson Reuters

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