IAM Issue 46

March/April 2011

IP and the cloud

Cloud computing looks set to revolutionise the way that companies operating in the IT sector develop and manage copyrights, patents, trademarks and other rights – so says the man in charge of IP at Microsoft

Horacio Gutierrez

Industry insight

Sparking innovation in R&D departments and managing treble damages risk

The best innovation is based on sharing ideas, but in the US that incurs potential risk of severe penalties in the case of willful infringement. So how, asks Bob Stembridge of Thomson Reuters IP Solutions, can that risk be managed while ensuring effective innovation through collaboration?



Ericsson’s chief intellectual property officer believes he has one of the best IP teams in the world. Not only does it manage a high-quality patent portfolio, but it also regularly exceeds its revenue targets. In this exclusive interview, Kasim Alfalahi talks about why he runs his department like a small business

Framing the case for a 4G patent pool

Globalisation of intellectual property spurs innovation and nowhere is this more the case than in the emerging 4G technology space. Patent pools are key to ensuring this continued success

Tax and the strategic management of intangibles

Intangible assets can create much more value when they are managed in a tax-efficient manner. A number of European countries offer incentives for companies exploiting intangible assets in those jurisdictions

Using insurance to manage patent risks

Patent-related insurance has been hard to come by, while those policies that do exist are often regarded as too expensive. However, as more insurers enter the market, more sophisticated products at lower prices are beginning to appear

Sued in East Texas – should you stay or should you go?

Although the Eastern District of Texas is regarded by defendants in patent infringement suits as a venue to escape from as soon as possible, sometimes staying put may well be the best option

Rolls-Royce avoids a reputation storm

When problems began to emerge with some of its aircraft engines, Rolls-Royce faced a potentially damaging reputation issue. There are good reasons why this does not appear to have materialised


Intangible investor

The business media are doing a better job of covering patent disputes. However, they still have a long way to go if intellectual property is to be taken seriously by non-IP audiences

US patent infringement damages: continuing the return to reason

In its Uniloc decision, the US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit provided much-needed clarification on the calculation of damages in patent infringement lawsuits. Patent owners should not fear that the bottom is falling out of the value of their patents; neither should infringers rejoice (too much)


Seen and heard

A round-up of IP-related quotes, observations and opinions from the recent past ...

The patent quality challenge facing China and its businesses

A sophisticated patent-based market is beginning to develop in China. But there is still a long way to go before patents are fully embraced by the country’s businesses


A busy patent year in the United States

Three leading attorneys look at developments in the US patent landscape during 2010