IAM Issue 45

Introducing the patent privateers

Outsourcing patent litigation –
whether openly or clandestinely –
not only gives operating companies
the chance to monetise their
rights at low cost, but can also
allow them to shape their
competitive environments.
No wonder privateering is proving
increasingly popular

Thomas Ewing


Airlines: road to reputation redemption

Customer loyalty programmes
are not what drive airline profits.
Something a lot less tangible
is the key

Enterprise security

The role, function and responsibilities
of security, risk management and
overall corporate defence have
changed for the better. This is set to
continue and at a fairly rapid pace

Vertical disintegration in the pharma industry and the role of IP

New business models are emerging
in the pharmaceutical industry, so the
way in which companies and service
providers in the sector handle IP
issues is going to have to change

“J’accuse ....”

The lengthy, protest-friendly system
at the European Patent Office has
created a brain drain that is causing
some of Europe’s most gifted
entrepreneurs and scientific minds
to head west to the innovation friendly
United States

Strategic portfolio-based patent investment and management

A patent portfolio’s value can be a
significant part of a corporation’s
overall value. Knowing this,
companies must give the same
measure of attention to them as they
do to their other investment portfolios

IP licensing strategies in complex markets

In a rapidly changing business and
legal environment, licensing
strategies must adapt if they are to
keep up with developments

Brands rewired

In the brave new world of the global
marketplace, it has never been
more important to ensure that the
branding process is tightly aligned
with both creativity and strategic IP

The GE IP agenda

As the nature of IP creation and
exploitation has changed, so has
the job of the in-house IP
professional. These days, at a
company such as GE they are
focused on a range of issues, from
IA management to public policy

All eyes on Africa

It is hard to ignore the strong signs
of growth and potential in Africa.
While South Africa is the
powerhouse of the continent, other
countries are building up steam as
their patent systems improve

Industry insight

1.2 billion consumers in search of a brand

India has emerged as a trademark
powerhouse in the global economy,
says Jeroen Lallemand of Thomson


Seen and heard

A round-up of IP-related quotes, observations and opinions
from the recent past...

More frustration as the EU’s single patent plans hit the rocks once again

After more than 10 years of
negotiation, it looks like
proposals for the creation of
an EU patent have once again
failed. And this time there may
be no coming back


Agent provocateur

Legendary film director Jean-Luc
Godard has declared there is no such
thing as intellectual property. Such
iconoclasm is something he can afford

The game is changing

There’s an opportunity for gamechanging
business model innovation in
the evolving IP market landscape

Business method patents possible in Canada

The Canadian Federal Court’s ruling in
the Amazon.com case has finally framed
the debate as to how subject matter is
to be assessed for patentability