IAM Issue 44

China: protectionist bad guy or political fall guy?

China’s proposed indigenous
innovation policy is considered by
many members of the international
IP community to be an unreasonable
protectionist measure. But is China
exploiting its position as a booming
economic powerhouse or simply
looking to move from manufacturer
to innovator?



Proposals to establish a small claims
court for patent disputes in the US and
to use patents to create jobs hold
promise. But the devil is in the details

AntennaGate: tepid reception

Apple's recent antenna woes have
highlighted how corporate performance
is tightly bound to corporate personality

IBM – EU antitrust investigation

IBM is the European Commission's
latest high-profile target in its continuing
scrutiny of attitudes to licensing
essential patents and technology by
dominant undertakings


BRIC countries still lag in innovation, but catching up could be getting easier

There is no doubt that the
BRIC countries are helping to
change the dynamics of the
global economy. But the
established industrial powers
have many advantages, not
least when it comes to
innovation. The issue is
whether political and business
leaders actually realise this

Seen and heard

A round-up of IP-related quotes, observations and opinions from August and September 2010


Fitting the intangible pieces together: a call to arms

If intangibles are ever to achieve the
prominence they should in business,
a common language that describes
what they are and how they are
deployed needs to be developed

Investors and the move to an intellectualised market

The Swedish risk capital market is
the second biggest in Europe. The
good news is that firms are
beginning to appreciate the
importance of IP; the bad news is
that the process is a slow one

IP is dead. Long live IP (reputation)

A corporation’s reputation is
underpinned by the IP it owns and
manages. And as reputation is now
established as a major issue for
boardrooms, investors and the
media, that is great news for IP

The essential skills of a licensing lawyer

The best patent licensing lawyers
have not just broad legal
knowledge, but also the ability to
understand complex and diverse
technology, as well as a full range of
people and management skills.
These are the main findings of a
major IAM research project to
identify the world’s best

Leaders in licensing

Four months of research undertaken
by IAM has found that when it
comes to the provision of top-class
licensing advice, certain law firms
are mentioned time and time again

In search of the golden cow

Reworking the way in which patent
strategy was communicated to
senior executives helped change
the decision-making dynamic at a
global chemical company based in
Europe. The result is that IP spend
is now seen as an investment rather
than a cost

So, you want to be chief IP counsel, eh?

Corporate heads of IP need a wide
range of skill sets that go far
beyond being a talented patent

Industry Focus: Materials

This issue features key patent metrics for companies in the Materials sector

Industry insight

A case study on IP process improvement

Anyone can make changes; the trick is to
enact permanent process improvements
that withstand the test of time, writes John
McIver of Thomson Reuters